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Chapter Five Hundred and fifty-four : One wrong step (part three)


(part three)

“My body?” Sandy asked.

“You’re in the ambulance,” the woman said. “Would you like to wake?”

“Can I go to the sea instead?” Sandy asked.

Asteria gave her a soft smile. They were standing on sand the color of a sunflower. The sky was the same warm, yellow sky. In front of them was a warm, yellow sea. Asteria held out her hand, and Sandy took it. They walked to the edge of the sea.

The warm sea lapped against Sandy’s ankles.

“This is a favorite place of Hedone’s,” Asteria said. “It is her power and will that give it this color. When I am stronger, it won’t have this color. But for now, she graciously powers this home. It is where she found me before she brought me to you.”

“I won’t tell her that we came here,” Sandy said.

“She knows,” Asteria said. “She will be here as soon as she can get away.”

“I feel very tired,” Sandy said. “If I go to sleep, will I die?”

“No,” Asteria said. “I will hold you until you are ready to return.”

“But Hecate said you were not strong!” Sandy said. “Oh, Cleo! You are so beloved to me. Please don’t injure yourself for me.”

“My husband and my daughter have lent me their strength,” Asteria said. “Plus, I am my strongest here. Do not worry, Sandy. You and I will be safe here.”

“You promise?” Sandy asked.

“You have my solemn promise,” Asteria said. “I will not let you down.”

Sandy walked across the warm sand until she found a place to lie down. She lay on the sand for only a moment before falling into a sound, but dreamless sleep.

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