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Chapter Five Hundred and fifty-four : One wrong step (part one)


(part one)

Tuesday evening — 6:10 p.m.

“Come on, you guys,” Sandy said from the door of their apartment. “It’s time for dinner.”

“What are we having?” Noelle asked as she walked toward Sandy.

“Stew,” Sandy said. “I made a couple loafs of bread to go with it. There’s a cake for when Honey comes back from her doctor appointment.”

“That’s today?” Noelle asked.

“Right now,” Sandy said with a nod.

“Salad?” Noelle asked.

“I think so,” Sandy said. “There usually is.”

Noelle nodded and moved out of the apartment. Sandy looked down at the basket by the door. The house rule was to leave your cellphone at the door when you entered the apartment. The kids spent so much time on their phones that if they didn’t leave them here, they’d never sleep, eat, or do almost anything else. Sandy flipped through the phones that were there.

Her phone, Noelle, and Charlie’s were there. She wasn’t sure Charlie’s phone ever left this basket.

“Nash!” Sandy yelled. “Teddy!”

Looking like they’d been asleep, they tumbled out of the hallway and into the apartment living room.

“Phones,” Sandy said.

She held out the basket. Both boys looked mildly embarrassed. Teddy held his phone out.

“I wanted to keep mine with me,” Teddy said. “You know, because my dad’s on a trip.”

“Your father is on a skiing trip,” Sandy said. “To Crested Butte.”

She gave him a firm look and shook the phone basket. Grumbling, he put his phone in the basket. Nash started out the door.

“Nash?” Sandy asked.

Nash took off down the hallway.

“You little shit!” Sandy took off after him.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Teddy pick up his phone from the basket. Turning ever so slightly, she missed the top step. Her ankle twisted and gave a sharp “pop.”

Sandy tumbled down the stairwell.

She hit the hard edge of one wooden stair and then the other.

Her head hit. Her nose mashed. Her back. Her leg.

Down the stairs she went.

Bam, Bam, Bam.

She landed in a crumpled heap at the bottom of the stairs.

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