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Chapter Five Hundred and fifty-four : One wrong step (part four)


(part four)

“How does this happen?” Aden asked.

Or maybe he hadn’t asked it out loud? No one turned in his direction.

He’d just walked into the Castle. He was pulling at his tie when …

How did it start?

Oh yea. It started with Nash.

He caught the guilty, thrilled look on Nash’s face as he ran out of the stairwell clutching his phone.

“Nash?” Aden had yelled after his son.

He heard the sound.

Was it a grunt or the sound of her ankle breaking? He took two long steps to the stairwell just in time to have his beautiful, precious wife tumble out of the stairwell.

She had landed in a heap at his feet.

The sound of a high pitched ring began to chime in his head.

He was in the process of bending down when someone …

Could it possibly have been that pompous ass Fin? That didn’t make sense to him!

The fairy moved like a burst of water from the hose. Aden’s butt hadn’t hit his foot before Tanesha was calling 9-11.

Fin opened his flicked open his hands and sparks flew.

Tanesha was yelling at Fin but Aden couldn’t make sense of it. He turned his head to see that Delphie was standing behind him. She pointed to something.

Sandy was bleeding. Blood was pooling fast from her. Badly. From her ankle?

Fin made a kind of bandage with the sparks and wrapped up the wound.

Fin pointed his fingers to the sky and, gently, so gently, Sandy straightened out on her back.

Sound came back to Aden with a jolt.

“Her ankle had a compound fracture,” Tanesha said, pointing to the source of the bleeding.

“Nose,” Fin said.

“Cheek,” Tanesha said.

“Head,” Fin said. “Lots of blood from the head.”

“You have the light,” a voice came from behind them. Aden looked up to see Abi. “Put it on her head.”

“How?” Tanesha asked.

“Put your hands on one side and another,” Abi said. “Your light will help the swelling until …”

“Ice,” Tanesha said. She pointed to Teddy who came down the stairs. “Get me ice packs.”

The boy blinked at Tanesha.

“Go.” Tanesha said. “Now.”

Tanesha clapped her hands, and Teddy jumped into action like he’d been spanked. Shaking her head at the boy, Tanesha dropped down to Sandy’s head. She closed her eyes and put a hand at each side of her friend’s head.

Aden saw Sandy’s hand was lying right in front of him. He picked it up.

So warm.

So cold.

“Sandy?” he whispered.

There was pounding on the door.

They were so close to the hospitals here that the ambulance was there in less than five minutes. He watched Tanesha update the EMTs. They set to work stabilizing his wife.

His wife.

His beloved Sandy.

The love of his life. The one he had waited for.

Sandy was dying.

Aden felt someone drop down next to him.


The boy still held that stupid phone in his hand. How many times had they argued over that phone?

Aden looked at his son and then the phone. Nash swallowed hard.

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