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Chapter Five Hundred and fifty-four : One wrong step (part five)


(part five)

Aden wanted to be the parent who said: “It was just an accident. It could have happened to anyone. She clearly broke her ankle and fell. She just fell. It happens.”

But at this moment, he felt only wrath.

Nash winced at his look.

The EMTs loaded his wife on to a stretcher.

Without giving a second thought to anything or anyone else, Aden walked out to the ambulance with her.

It was a short trip to the hospital.

One minute? Two?

He was running alongside his wife’s stretcher. They went through a set of doors and …

Aden was standing in the waiting area. A financial person waved him over and he was signing papers and filling out forms.

One form.

What if Sandy died? Was it possible that she would die?

“Do people die from falls down the stairs?” Aden asked himself.

“All the time,” the clerk said.

Aden was surprised by the fact that the clerk answered. He blinked at the clerk.

“Why do you ask?” the clerk asked.

“My wife just fell down the stairs,” Aden said.

The clerk swallowed hard and turned his focus to reviewing the papers.

“They’ll call you when they know something,” the clerk said.

The clerk stood up, so Aden stood up.

“You can wait out there,” the clerk said.

Aden nodded. He wandered out to the lobby and sat down.

What had just happened?

Aden had no idea.

He dropped his head into his hands. A few minutes later, Blane slipped into the seat next to him. Blane hugged Aden and kissed his cheek. Jeraine sat down on the other side of Aden. Jacob appeared out of nowhere. Jill and Tanesha were there.

“What’s happening?” Charlie asked when he and Tink arrived.

Aden shook his head.

“Listen, Nash feels really bad,” Charlie said.

“What happened?” Aden asked.

“He wouldn’t turn over his phone,” Charlie said. “She took off after him and fell.”

Aden shook his head. His shock and helplessness turned to rage. He crossed his arms and thought about what he would do to Nash.

“Don’t worry,” Charlie said with a grin. “Abi zapped his phone. Teddy’s, too. She said it was retribution for their selfishness.”

Charlie nodded.

Staring straight ahead, Aden didn’t have anything to say.

They settled into wait.

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