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Chapter Five Hundred and fifty-five : A big celebration for two (part two)


(part two)

“You must be worried about Maggie,” Abi said.

Honey nodded.

“I want to hold onto Maggie, hold her tight,” Honey said. “But she’s so bright and sparkly. She wants to run and meet everyone. She believes everyone loves her because she loves everyone. She’s …”

Honey’s eyes became a little misty.

“It’s hard on us when they are so independent,” Abi said.

Honey nodded.

“I understand there is some cake?” Abi asked.

Honey tipped her head to the side.

“Are you a fiend for sweets, too?” Honey asked.

“A fiend?” Abi asked. “You mean like the fairy envoys? They really did eat a lot sugary things.”

Honey nodded. They fell silent.

“To answer your question, I am not,” Abi said. “I wanted to celebrate with you. Although, I am not sure that I understand the celebration.”

“Let’s get some cake first,” Honey said. She held up the bottle. “And we have champagne!”

“Sounds like a plan,” Abi said.

“M.J. brought it all the way from France!” Honey said. “It was for … well …”

Honey’s face dropped. She didn’t want to feel disappointed but she did.

“I’m so sorry, Honey,” Abi said. “It’s only me.”

Honey smiled.

“You are enough,” Honey said. She smiled. “I can always go hang out with Nelson and a bunch of sick kids.”

Abi grinned at Honey, and Honey actually started to feel better.

“Shall I get the cake?” Abi asked.

“What?” Honey asked. “Do you know our secret hiding place?”

“Of course,” Abi said.

“But …” Honey started.

Abi lifted a shoulder and smiled. Honey grinned at her smile.

“I’ll get the glasses if you get the cake,” Honey said.

“Deal,” Abi said.

Honey spun in place and went to the counter. Using her hands, she pressed up on the counter to get glasses from the cabinet. She collapsed back into her chair. When she turned around, Abi was sitting at the table.

The cake was in front of her.

“Hey, that’s not fair!” Honey said.

“I would have gotten the glasses to, but you said that you would,” Abi grinned. “I did not wish to get in your way.”

Shaking her head, Honey wheeled her way back to the table. Abi cut generous pieces for both of them and set them on plates that appeared out of nowhere. Honey struggled with the champagne bottle. She gave it to Abi who opened it easily. They were soon eating cake and drinking champagne.

“This is lovely,” Abi said. “I am so delighted to be here to celebrate with you, dearest Honey.”

The cake had white frosting and was white cake on the inside. Sandy had placed raspberries between the layers along with some of the raspberry jam they had made together last summer. The cake was magnificent.

“Do you know — will Sandy survive?” Honey asked.

“I don’t see why not,” Abi said. “No one can be sure, of course. Life is precarious in even the strongest among us. But Sandy … I believe that she will be fine.”

Honey nodded her head.

“And Nash?” Honey asked.

“He has some things to learn, as does his friend Teddy,” Abi said. “It will be fine. You will see.”

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