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Chapter Five Hundred and fifty-five : A big celebration for two (part three)


(part three)

Honey nodded and turned her attention to her cake.

“You care a lot,” Abi said.

Honey nodded.

“I didn’t have much family growing up, certainly not anyone that really cared about me,” Honey said. “My mom was always busy with her men. My sister was cruel, evil, really. And …”

Honey shrugged.

“This is the best family I’ve ever known,” Honey said. “They cared for me when I was injured. I don’t think I would have survived it without Jake and Sam, and then meeting Jill and Sandy and Tanesha and Heather!”

Honey nodded.

“I love M.J., more than I can say,” Honey said. “But it’s those women — you, Val, and Delphie, included — that make my life work.”

Abi smiled at Honey’s words.

“Will you explain to me what we are celebrating?” Abi asked. “Please go slowly as all of this is very new to me. I don’t understand it. I didn’t understand it when Jacob told me about it.”

“Jake told you?” Honey asked.

“He was excited to celebrate with you,” Abi said. “I know that he’s disappointed not to be here.”

Honey’s eyes welled with tears, which she swiped away. She smiled at Abi.

“Well, I was injured,” Honey said.

“How were you injured?” Abi asked. “I know that I should know this information, but somehow, I do not.”

“Oh,” Honey said with a nod. “Okay. Um … Let’s see. Jake and Jill had just gotten together. Valerie had returned from LA and decided she really wanted to be with Mike. Jake had been injured but had healed up. Val wanted to have a party to show off Mike and celebrate her renewed life here in Denver. Jake invited me.”

“Of course,” Abi said.

“Well, it wasn’t as clear then,” Honey said. “Jake’s dad, Sam, was in the fake marriage with my mother.”

“Really?” Abi said, leaning back in her chair to listen.

“Crazy, right?” Honey asked. “He had just ended it. My evil older sister was with Jill’s ex-husband.”

“The one killed by Perses,” Abi said.

“That’s the same night,” Honey said.

“Oh,” Abi said.

“They planned to steal Katy — kidnap her — for some crazy reason or another, I can’t remember,” Honey said. “But Paddie’s auntie and her team — M.J.’s on that team — were here to stop them.”

“Sounds like a wild night,” Abi said. “Where were you in all of this?”

“I …” Honey said. She blushed. “Jake gave me a credit card and told me to get a ‘really nice dress.’ That’s what he told me. So I did. It was super expensive, but he said he didn’t care.”

“It was blue …” Honey said with a sigh. “My hair was up and I even put on make-up! I danced with some of the movie stars that were there and some Lipson people. I …”

“It sounds wonderful,” Abi said.

“It was,” Honey said.

“What happened?” Abi asked.

“My sister,” Honey said softly. Her emotion welled and her eyes filled with tears. “She …”

Honey pointed to the landing just below the long stairs to Jill and Jacob’s loft.

“Right there,” Honey said. “She tried to kill me. She almost did, but Jill … I would have died …”

Honey sighed. She cleared her throat.

“I was in the hospital for a long time,” Honey said. “Paralyzed. She’s cut right through my spine. My sister, that is.”

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