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Chapter Five Hundred and fifty-five : A big celebration for two (part one)


(part one)

Tuesday evening — 7:25 p.m.

Honey rolled into her apartment from the Castle driveway. She knew from the driveway that no one was here. Jacob had called her when they were just leaving the doctor’s office.

Sandy was battling for her life at St. Joe’s.

Honey understood. She really did.

It’s just that tonight was her night. It was her night to be the center of attention. It was her night to share the fancy champagne M.J. had brought home from France. It was her night to celebrate.

Honey’s procedure was scheduled! She was going to walk again, maybe!

There would be no celebration for Honey. Not tonight, probably not ever.

M.J. had dropped her at home before going to check on Maggie at Nelson’s house. He was now heading to the hospital to see if he could help.

Honey had nodded at his suggestion. She’d even made mouth noises that she was absolutely fine to be alone. She was going to take a bath and go to bed early.

After all, today had been a big day.

She was leaned over the bathtub when a thought came to her.

Sandy would have made her cake long before she fell down the stairs. In fact, Sandy had told her this afternoon that it was ready and waiting in a secret hiding place that only Sandy and Honey knew about.

“In case those fairies come back,” Sandy had said over the phone. “We want to make sure that you have some cake.”

Honey’s eyes welled with tears.

“Oh Sandy, I love you,” Honey whispered.

Somehow, she knew that Sandy had heard her. She knew what Sandy would say — eat the cake while you can!

“And drink some champagne,” Honey said out loud. “To celebrate Sandy’s triumphant healing and my new adventure.”

Grinning at herself, Honey rolled her way to her little apartment’s tiny kitchen. She took a bottle of champagne from the refrigerator and went out into the Castle.

The building was so eerily quiet that Honey almost went back into her warm apartment. She rolled into the main Castle living room. In this light, this room — now empty of all inhabitants — looked every bit the creepy medieval Castle. She was midway through the living room when Abi stepped out of her apartment.

Abi grinned at Honey. With a snap of her fingers, a fire started in the large marble Castle fireplace. Suddenly, the room was bursting with energy and light. It was such a happy greeting that Honey smiled automatically.

“You’re not at the hospital?” Honey asked Abi.

“Oh,” Abi said. “I set off digital devices on a good day. I love Sandy, so it’s likely that I would likely burn the place down today.”

Abi grinned at Honey.

“Plus, I wanted to be here to help you celebrate,” Abi said.

“Is Edie here too?” Honey asked.

“Edie has taken the babies to her home on the Isle of Man,” Abi said. “They will be out of mind there, which will allow everyone to heal.”

“She took your babies too?” Honey asked.

“Oh no,” Abi said. “Zoe and Zaidy are asleep in the room.”

Abi gave Honey a knowing grin.

“You must be worried about Maggie,” Abi said.

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