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Chapter Five Hundred and fifty-five : A big celebration for two (part five)


(part five)

Honey gave a frustrated shake of her head.

“Why did you ask me about getting over my sister?” Honey asked.

“I can fix this little problem with your spine,” Abi said.

Honey scowled at Abi.

“With some fairy magic?” Honey asked.

“I am no fairy,” Abi said.

Honey shook her head and sneered.

“I would rather have real science,” Honey said with a sniff. “Then some … wait, you’re not a fairy?”

“I am not,” Abi said.

“What are you?” Honey asked. Her hand flew to her mouth. “Oh, sorry, I don’t mean to be rude, I …”

“It is a fair question, Honey,” Abi said. She smiled. “You have heard of the ‘First mother’?”

“The Navajo thing?” Honey asked.

Abi gave a quick nod.

“I know something about it,” Honey said. “It doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.”

“You’ve heard of an Earth Mother,” Abi said.

Honey pointed to Abi ,and Abi nodded.

“What does that mean?” Honey asked.

Abi gave her a bright smile.

“I’m sorry, did I offend you?” Honey asked. “My mom always says that I offend people with my stupid questions.”

“I think you are wonderfully practical,” Abi said. “After all, what does all of that mean?”

Nodding, Honey looked a little relieved.

“I am the earth,” Abi said. “The earth is me.”

Honey leaned forward and whispered, “Really?”

Abi nodded.

“How cool,” Honey said. “How come you’re …”

Honey gestured to Abi.

“I mean, you look so human,” Honey said.

“I wish to look like this so I do,” Abi said.

“Were you a dinosaur?” Honey asked her voice filled with wonder.

Nodding, Abi laughed.

“Wow,” Honey said. “I mean … wow!”

Abi grinned.

“You are every bit your daughter’s mother,” Abi said.

“She’s so magnificent,” Honey blushed. “I’m just … well …”

Honey thought for a moment and then leaned forward again.

“Will you show me?” Honey whispered.

Abi held up her human hand so that the palm faced Honey. She put her hand onto the table. In a moment, her hand joined the table. Her separate hand was gone. It now looked like Abi had no hand. Instead her wrist went into the table at a right angle.

“Wow,” Honey said.

Abi shook off the table and her hand returned.

“Have you joined the earth before?” Honey asked.

“I have,” Abi said. “I was here for a long time by myself.”

Abi pointed to Honey.

“You will not tell anyone what I tell you,” Abi demanded.

“Never,” Honey said.

“Gilfand believes we are twins,” Abi said.

“You’re not?” Honey asked.

Abi shook her head.

“I was so lonely that I wanted to rejoin the earth,” Abi said. “She was molten then. No land. No water. The earth would not allow me to return. I am separate so that I can advocate and care for her.”

“Do you do that?” Honey asked.

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