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Chapter Five Hundred and fifty : A sword, a ghost, and some Templars (part one)


(part one)

“Wait, what happened in the garage?” Jacob asked. “I ask because I know that Blane is going to feel bad about it.”

Jacob looked from face to face. No one seemed to know what had happened in the garage.

“I can only tell you what I see,” Delphie said.

They fell silent and waited for her to continue.

“You’re sure you want to hear this?” Delphie asked, looking up at the adults before her. “It’s pretty gory.”

“Just an outline,” Sam said in defense of Delphie. “Will that suffice? Or do you really need the gory details?”

Jacob tipped his head back and forth as if he was deciding.

“I’ve already seen the gore,” Blane said pressing the palms of his hands away from him. “I don’t need gory details.”

“No, I don’t need the gory details,” Jacob said with a nod. “I was kidding.”

He gave Delphie a wide, boyish grin, and she chuckled.

“The easiest place to start is this: We know that objects hold energy,” Delphie said. She looked up at the group. Seeing confusion, she added, “Science tells us that everything in our world is made out of the same substance.”

Abi shifted uncomfortably but didn’t say anything.

“Electrons?” Aden asked.

“Exactly,” Delphie said. “The difference between a stone and the meal we just ate is the manner in which these electrons were put together.”

Abi picked up a fork from the table.

“A fork,” Abi said. She turned her hand over. “A stone.”

Everyone gasped at the magic.

“Same material makes both objects,” Abi said blushing. “Every configuration of the same matter has its own energetic signature.”

“Every object has its own energy,” Delphie said.

This time when she looked up, everyone was nodding.

“Intense moments — emotional scenes, violent acts, tense moments — they all release a certain amount of energy,” Delphie said.

“The reason we energetically clean our apartment every week,” Sandy said with a snort.

“Too much teenage drama energy,” Aden said with a laugh.

Everyone smiled at their joke.

“Exactly,” Delphie said.

“These swords have been used in some of history’s most intense and violent times,” Delphie said. “The older blades — like the one Blane took — have been used to kill and maim people for a thousand years.”

“More,” Abi said.

“Or more,” Delphie said.

“I worked on a blade this week that is a head stealer,” Nelson said. “It was … intense. It sparks with power.”

“Who possesses that blade?” Perses asked.

“Princess Edith,” Nelson said.

“Really?” Perses asked.

“She says she took it from a Viking,” Nelson said.

“There’s a story that the Vikings landed on the Isle of Man but were repelled by a vicious fairy army,” Pierre said. “The blade Nelson is referring to was with the Viking raiding party.”

“But these swords were made in France?” Jacob asked.

“Emphasis on Viking raiding party,” Pierre said. “They stole it from its original owner.”

Delphie watched all of this conversation with a kind of smug satisfaction. If they chattered about swords and objects of power, she wouldn’t have to relive the events that happened in the garage. The only person who appeared to notice her satisfaction was Jacob.

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