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Chapter Five Hundred and fifty : A sword, a ghost, and some Templars (part four)


(part four)

“Everyone here has made their own choice,” Delphie said. “Some, like Heather, have taken on their parent’s burden to save their parent and the world. Others, like Jacob, have taken on the responsibility and transmuted it into something that will benefit everyone who works there.”

“I rejected mine completely,” Aden said. “Sandy walks a line between caring for her father and creating her own life.”

“I can only love my mother in my heart, because she sacrificed her life for me,” Sandy said, in a low tone. “From birth to her death, she did it for me. As yours did. That has to matter. I try to live my life to its fullest in reflection of her sacrifice. As do you.”

Sandy and Nelson’s eyes caught. Nelson nodded at this shared truth.

“I change my mind on a daily basis,” Valerie said, when Nelson looked up again. “Some days, I am working to be here in Denver and live the life my mother couldn’t live. Other days, I’m out doing my own thing — achieving, becoming, growing my own way.”

“You asked what the treasure is,” Delphie said looking at Nelson. All eye turned to her. “Right now, the ‘treasure’ is this question — who am I? You’ve learned tonight that you have an ancient ancestor who is a direct descendent of Gilfand. Your ancestor took up an anvil and a hammer to become a blacksmith. Your family has continued in this tradition.”

“Your mother’s family has always been scholars,” Delphie said. “She was a promising PhD scientist. Your father is, as well. You are a mixture of them and became a medical doctor and a forensic scientist. You will always feel the pull between your need to beat metal and your desire to understand. The scholar; the blacksmith — your treasure is to decide what you wish to do with it.”

“Is there an actual treasure?” Pierre asked.

Delphie shook her head.

“What does that mean?” Nelson’s voice rose with desperation.

“You don’t get it,” Delphie said. “This is the problem with orders such as the Templars. They get so focused on gold and jewels that they miss the real treasures available in this temporal, short life. Would you give up your new life for a few trinkets?”

“But there are trinkets?” Pierre asked.

Delphie raised her hands in frustration and Pierre laughed. Delphie shook his head, and Pierre blew her a kiss.

“What is in this ‘treasure’ that you want so badly?” Abi asked, in a soft, low tone. “You expect us to believe that jewel, gold, paintings, books … anything material is a treasure to you?”

Pierre’s head jerked up to look at Abi. With their look, the entire room could see the treasure Pierre longed for — his wife, Nelson’s mother. She was wearing a white chemise that was nearly see through. Barefoot and her hair free, she looked like a free spirit of the 1970s. She smiled at her son. Pierre’s eyes flicked to the apparition. Nelson fell into his chair.

“You may speak,” Jacob said.

“You?” Pierre looked at Jacob.

Jacob pointed to Blane. Blane held one hand to his mouth and another hand open.

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