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Chapter Five Hundred and fifty : A sword, a ghost, and some Templars (part five)


(part five)

“You may speak,” Delphie said.

For a long moment, Pierre just looked at his beloved.

“I don’t know what to say,” Pierre said to Delphie.

“Ask her about this treasure,” Delphie said. “What is it? Should you find it?”

The apparition leaned down and held out her hand. Pierre held out his hand to her.

“What is it, my love?” the apparition said in Blane’s voice.

“The Order has ordered our son to find the treasure,” Pierre said. “This is the only way they will leave him alone.”

The apparition gave a slight shake of her head.

“Of course, they do,” the apparition said.

“My father, yours, are dead and they still …” Pierre dared not take his eyes off her or she would disappear again.

“Yes, I am aware,” the apparition said, quickly.

“This treasure could …” Pierre said.

“Treasure!” the apparition said. “You know how many people have died in service of this treasure?”

“I do,” Pierre said.

“What is the treasure, Mom?” Nelson asked.

“Oh child, what did Bernard love most?” the apparition asked.

“Power,” Pierre said.

“Gold, jewels, finery,” Nelson said.

“What would he put in his treasury?” the apparition asked.

“The bodies of those who knew where it was,” Delphie said softly.

Horrified, everyone turned to look at Delphie. The apparition nodded in agreement.

“What do I do?” Pierre asked.

The apparition simply smiled at him. Pierre began to cry.

“Are these the things you value most, son?” the apparition asked. “Money, power, jewels, silence, secrets?”

“No,” Nelson said.

“Then this is no treasure for you,” the apparition said. She turned to Blane, “Let’s let them think for a while.”

Blane closed his hand and the apparition disappeared.

“Why do you cry?” Sandy asked Pierre in a kind voice.

“We had this plan,” Pierre said. He looked up to the spot where the apparition had been. “Once we were away safely, we were going to tell the British Museum or possibly the Museum of Antiquities about the treasure and where we thought it might be. The treasure would be revealed to the world as the order wanted. The order would not have access to the treasure. We would be free.”

“Why does the order want this treasure so badly?” Aden asked.

“They want to expand,” Pierre said. “They feel that this is a time where the world would be receptive to them again. The decline of the Catholic Church makes it less dangerous for them. The call against Islam and Islamic countries gives credence to their mission. They believe that, with the proper funding, they could take back Jerusalem.”

Shocked, everyone turned to look at Pierre. He held up his hands as if he was being accused.

“It is not my plan, nor that of my beloveds,” Pierre said.

“No one ran that shit by me,” Nelson said. He crossed his arms. “There’s no way I would participate in that shit.”

“They said there is only one other way in which they will leave you alone,” Pierre said.

“And that is?” Sam asked.

“If he breeds with Olympia,” Pierre said, nodding to Heather.

Heather blushed, and Blane scowled. Everyone else looked disgusted.

“Now I am a prized heifer?” Nelson asked. Shaking his head, he repeated vehemently, “No. This is stupid. No.”

“We should find this treasure and give it to the museums,” Sam said.

“Do you know where it might be?” Abi asked.

Nodding, Pierre grunted.

“Has it occurred to anyone that the swords you hold in your home are worth more than any treasure trove?” Blane asked. “I assume you will receive the others when the police are done.”

“It is my position in the order,” Pierre said.

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