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Chapter Five Hundred and Eighty-two : When one is afraid (part two)


(part two)

“Were you like this?” Nash asked.

“I wasn’t,” Delphie said. “I was born with a strong psychic ability. I was connected right from the get go. My challenge was to stay grounded. I, uh, left my family when I was about four years old. I did have a year of profound insight when I grew to womanhood but, by then, I was already a strong, experienced psychic. My powers were simply stronger. They continued to grow after that time. They have never diminished. In fact, they continue to grow every year that I am alive.”

“I can attest to that,” Sam said. “Celia rescued Delphie when she was about ten years old. We went through this with her.”

Delphie smiled at Sam.

“How can we help?” Jill asked.

“I think that’s a good question,” Abi said. “Oracle, can you explain what happened?”

Delphie nodded. She looked around the circle to see the concern, love, and more than a hefty dose of curiosity on everyone’s faces. They each loved Delphie. No one knew much about her powers. This was a window into her life and abilities that none of them had ever had.

“For me, I always knew about the past, present, and a potential future,” Delphie said. “That is my experience of every minute.”

Delphie put her hand on Ivy’s shoulder.

“For Ivy, she has lived in this life, this world,” Delphie said. “Every experience has been in this world and about this world. She is suddenly experiencing another world.”

“You mean like a dimension?” Teddy asked.

“Sure,” Delphie said. “Does everyone know the idea of multiple timelines happening at the same moment?”

She looked around the fire circle to see heads bob up and down. Jacob scowled at Delphie, and Delphie smiled.

“Our Jacob doesn’t believe in multiple timelines,” Delphie said. She nodded to Jacob.

“There is a possibility of multiple outcomes in any situation based on individual decision and action,” Jacob said. “Chance. Serendipity. But they don’t all exist. There isn’t another me or you living out an alternate life.”

Jacob shook his head.

“At least in my experience,” Jacob said. “Delphie reads timelines. That’s how I describe what she does. She reads the future options a person has and can determine which works best or the crucial moments, junctions, in the timeline.”

He looked around the circle and saw confusion.

“When I went to the zoo the first time with Jill and Katy, Delphie could see that Katy might have an issue with allergy,” Jacob said. “She didn’t know for sure because she cannot determine all of the factors and no one can determine the decisions of a bee. She told me to get the bronchial inhaler. Katy was stung by the bee. I had the inhaler. That was a crucial junction in the events of things.”

“Does that make any sense at all?” Delphie asked.

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