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Chapter Five Hundred and Eighty-two : When one is afraid (part one)


(part one)

“Wha … How’d I get over here?” Ivy asked Delphie.

“We have a lot to discuss,” Abi said. “Come. Take your seats. We will talk about what’s next.”

Delphie helped Ivy to her feet. They went over to the large blanket where Sam was sitting and sat down.

“What the hell was that?” Sam asked.

“It’s a good question,” Abi said. She turned to Ivy. “Do you have any memory of what has just happened?”

Ivy shook her head.

“How is your panicky feeling?” Abi asked.

“I still feel it some,” Ivy said. “Like it would be right there if I just looked at it again. Mostly I’m kinda creeped out by …”

Ivy gestured to the crowd around them.

“I understand,” Abi said. “You don’t remember coming down tonight?”

Ivy shook her head. Abi nodded.

“Well, I invited our entire family and community to join you to help carry this burden for you,” Abi said. “Your strong feelings are too much for any one person to carry.”

“But they …” Ivy gestured to everyone.

“They are not of the line of Oracle,” Abi said. “Delphie? Can you explain?”

“Ivy,” Delphie said in a soft voice. She stroked the girl’s head. “You know that you are in the line of Oracle, right?”

“I’m your niece,” Ivy said. “You’re an Oracle.”

“Exactly,” Delphie said. “As you move closer to womanhood, every female with this kind of genetics has a kind of crazy burst of psychic activity.”

“Psychic activity?” Ivy asked. “Me?”

“We’ve been working with it a little bit lately,” Delphie said.

“But I’m not very good,” Ivy said. “Very strong. Not like you or Mr. Jake.”

“That has been true for you,” Delphie said. “Things are different now. As you continue to grow up, you run into a period of time where things are a little different. You will have anywhere from a few months to as much as a few years where you are tapped into the ether.”

“When I was a lad, they would take the girls your age and bring them to Delphi,” Fin said. “They’d use the girls and when their abilities waned they’d kill them.”

“Kill me?” Ivy asked.

“That’s exactly what she needs to hear,” Tanesha said.

“I thought she should know,” Fin said. “I’ll tell you this — they were never able to capture an actual Oracle. They just had these girls.”

Delphie nodded.

“That’s true,” Delphie said. “And that’s where you are right now. You’re becoming a woman and this is a side effect of being related to me.”

“Did your sisters have this?” Ivy asked.

“I don’t know,” Delphie said. “I wasn’t raised with them.”

Ivy nodded.

“Were you like this?” Nash asked Delphie.

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