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Chapter Five Hundred and Eighty-three : Will you help me too? (part one)


(part one)

Tuesday early morning — 1:05 a.m. MT

Denver, Colorado

Blane stifled a yawn as he walked with Nelson through the Castle.

“Do you want to stay?” Blane asked.

He nodded to Tres while Nelson said, “See you, man.”

Tres nodded. He and Heather walked out to the front holding hands.

“I have an early morning,” Nelson said. He looked at his watch. “Whoa. I didn’t realize the time.”

Blane nodded. Edie came by with Wyn and Blane took the toddler from him. Mack appeared at Blane’s side. Nelson looked at one child and then the other.

“Family takes a lot of time,” Blane said.

Nelson nodded.

“I wanted to ask you …” Nelson said. He looked at the sleepy children again.

“Mommy! Mommy!” Mack said and ran off to greet Heather.

Heather picked him up.

“I’ll take him downstairs,” Heather said.

Blane nodded. Wyn rested his head against Blane’s shoulder.

“We’re close to Wyn’s feeding time,” Blane said. “I need to get him fed and back into bed.”

“He’s still eating at night?” Nelson asked.

“Just a little bit,” Blane said. “It’s pretty normal for kids this age.”

They stood there looking at each other for a long moment

“You were saying something?” Blane asked.

“I just wondered …” Nelson started again.

“Okay,” Blane said.

“Would they be there for you if you had a strong feeling or were in an overwhelming situation?” Nelson asked. “All of these people got up in the middle of the night. Is that normal for here?”

“I haven’t done it before,” Blane said. “But overall, I’d say ‘yes.’ The core of this group is the girlfriends. They are in each other’s business all the time. Jake and Delphie have lived there the longest and they are like that.”

Blane stifled another yawn.

“But would they get up at night?” Nelson asked. “Just because you felt badly?”

“If I needed that,” Blane said. “Yeah. I think they would. I haven’t needed something like this.”

“What have you needed?” Nelson asked.

“I needed a stem cell transplant and they made it happen,” Blane said. “Jake came every day. So did Aden. Heather. The others came when they could. I wasn’t alone a lot even though I was in isolation. It was a huge commitment but no one complained. They just made it happen.”

Nelson nodded.

“When Chet died …” Blane’s breath caught. It was the first time he’d said those words out loud. “ …and then Tink’s mom, they …”

Overwhelmed with emotion, Blane nodded.

“They were there for us,” Blane said. “Gave us a place to stay. Helped with the cleanup and all of the police and … Tink …”

Blane nodded.

“I’ve been through a lot. Heather too,” Blane said. “They’ve been here for me. I’ve been there for them. It’s how this family works.”

Nelson nodded.

“They’ve been there for you too,” Blane said. “You’re a part of this family.”

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