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Chapter Five Hundred and Eighty-three : Will you help me too? (part four)


(part four)

“The heads of the Fairy Armies have been meeting in secret. I … I know them. I would even say that we were friends before all of this … happened. Now things are …” Edie paused. She shook her head. “More complicated. The other Generals want to combine the communities into one nation-state. They want our stability as well as the prosperity that’s come from that stability.”

“How do you feel about that?” Heather asked.

Edie sighed and shook her head.

“I was all for it before …” Edie stumbled on the next words, “…the other communities tore their worlds apart. They have killed each other and …”

Edie shook her head.

“I’ve never seen anything like it in all of my long life,” Edie said. “We’re fairies, not mobsters.”

Edie looked so upset that Heather put her hand over Edie’s to stead and comfort her.

“And our Queendom, my mother and father’s? The one I grew up in?” Edie asked.“They don’t want to give up what we have for other Queendoms in disarray. If we combine, we will tear our world down. If we leave them to rot, their chaos will eventually affect us.”

“What would you like to ask me, Princess Edith?” Heather asked.

“My … well … I …” Edie said.

“Please be frank,” Heather said.

“Abi believes that I can unite the Queendoms,” Edie said. “I am by far the most powerful fairy, in any of the Queendoms. Ever, probably, at least that’s what Abi says.”

“She would know,” Heather said.

Edie looked at Heather for a moment.

“If I made the decision to lead, there would be nothing anyone could do about it.” Edie sighed. “But I …”

Edie shook her head.

“What do you think?” Heather asked.

“Some days I think it would be fun challenge,” Edie said. “I like fairies. I’ve been around Jake enough to know the joy and challenge of cleaning up messes. Mari and Fin would definitely help me, as would Keenan.”

“And your sister, The Blue Fairy?” Heather asked.

“I talked to her,” Edie said. “She is so focused on her own challenge that she can’t fathom all of this other stuff. I don’t think she’d know if the entire fairy world ended.”

“As long as it wasn’t children in grave danger,” Heather said.

“Exactly,” Edie said with a nod. She opened her mouth, but then shook her head. “Other days, I have no desire to leave the nursery and the babies. I want to settle down with James. Have a brood of my own and …””

“I understand,” Heather said.

Edie scowled. Heather opened her mouth to ask how she could help again, but Edie began to speak.

“The other Fairy Generals believe that I could do this thing — combine all three communities,” Edie said. “My mother’s Queendom will follow what I say because Fin will back me. And, I do think it will be a fun challenge, but definitely a worthy challenge. And, if I can’t do this thing, who could?”

Heather took a breath to speak but Edie continued.

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