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Chapter Five Hundred and Eighty : Something new (part six)


(part six)

With Heather’s help, Tanesha helped Sandy out of bed. They made the painful and slow journey across the few feet of hardwood floor to get into the tile bathroom. Heather wrapped Sandy’s knee, calf, and foot in plastic. They wrapped her hands. Using great care, and a tiny bit of magic that no one would ever mention, they got Sandy into the bath without getting her casts wet.

Sandy groaned with delight.

“W-rr-mm,” Sandy said.

“Would you like a bit of privacy?” Tanesha asked.

Sandy shook her head. She gestured into the room.

“Want to watch the video together?” Heather asked.

Sandy nodded. Heather got up and got the tablet.

“Have you watched it again?” Tanesha asked.

Sandy shook her head. She gestured to Tanesha and Heather.

“You waited for us?” Tanesha asked.

Sandy nodded. Tanesha leaned down to kiss Sandy’s cheek. Heather set up the tablet so that they could all watch.

While Sandy soaked some of her pain away, they watched Seth, Alex, and Vince go into the booby trapped side-tunnel to the Salt Tunnel. They paused the video to help Sandy to the toilet. After cleaning up, they helped change her clothing and get her back into bed. Once settled, they watched to the end.

“Wow!” Tanesha said. “Just wow!”

She put her arms around her friend.

“You really did something big,” Tanesha said.

Sandy nodded and patted her heart.

“I bet it feels good,” Heather said. “We’re proud of you!”

Sandy made a soft smile.

“Let’s get you your meds,” Tanesha said.

Heather doled out Sandy’s pain meds. Exhausted by the visit, Sandy dropped off to sleep. Tanesha and Heather stayed with Sandy until Noelle came to relieve them. They hugged Noelle and headed out to the car.

“That was just …” Tanesha said.

“Fucking amazing,” Heather said with a nod. “Amazing.”

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