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Chapter Five Hundred and Eighty : Something new (part one)


(part one)

Monday afternoon — 3:15 p.m. PT

Las Vegas, Colorado

“Brrring!” Jeraine’s cell phone rang.

Jeraine’s agent, James “Jammy” Schmidt V, picked it up. Jeraine watched Jammy talk to another African-American artist. Jeraine’s phone started ringing off the hook within thirty seconds of the new casino announcing that they’d signed a contract with Jeraine. At first, it was mostly artists calling to congratulate Jeraine. Their agents followed up with official calls. The agency that represented a large number of famous artists already had agents on the plane to meet with them.

It was overwhelming.

Jeraine was having an “iffy” head day so Jammy was taking the calls. Jeraine sat in this hard kitchen chair watching Jammy. He was sitting at the kitchen table of the casino’s brand new condos that he was given …

His brain fritzed.

Hecate set a glass of water next to him and took his hand.

“You’re panicking,” Hecate said. “Let’s breathe and calm down a bit.”

Jeraine gave her a wide eyes look. She nodded, and his head mimicked her gesture.

“Dream c-c-c …” Jeraine dropped his forehead onto the table. The table was deliciously cool and seemed to ease the pain.

“Drink your water,” Hecate said. She patted her hand on the table.

He looked up at her. She nodded. A little frightened of the power that came off this woman, he drank the water. She got up and filled the glass again. He drank it again.

“It’s terrifying when our dreams come true,” Hecate said as she sat down.

“Look like come … true,” Jeraine said.

“Well, yes,” Hecate said. “It does look like your dreams are coming true.”

Hecate nodded. His head still down on the table, he nodded. He pointed to her.

“You do this?” Jeraine asked.

“No,” Hecate said with a laugh. “You did this.”

Jeraine’s index finger pointed to himself.

“You’ve mended bridges,” Hecate said. “Over your long career, you’ve given a lot of people their first breaks. I think everyone has watched you rebuild your life with Tanesha and start a new kind of career. Your hard work is its own kind of magic. You’ve created that magic through changing your life, taking responsibility, and generally reforming your life.”

Jeraine responded to her words with a groan.

“Let’s walk through it,” Hecate said. “Just pretend you’re talking to Tanesha. Visualize her face. See her hair, her lips, her lovely, bright eyes, that beautiful skin.”

“Okay,” Jeraine said. “Hi Miss T.”

“What happened today?” Hecate asked in an imitation of Tanesha’s voice.

Jeraine rotated his head to be sure it wasn’t Tanesha. Grinning, Hecate shrugged. Jeraine put his head back on the table.

“We went to breakfast with Jeannie,” Jeraine said. “Her name is Jeanie Jeanson or it was before she got married. I thought you’d laugh when you heard her two Jeans. She was even wearing jeans!”

Jeraine grinned at the floor. He turned his head to look at Hecate.

“Tanesha loves that kind of stuff,” Jeraine said. “People with two first names – Craig Scott, Shirley Jacob – that kind of thing. And her wearing jeans. She’ll laugh.”

Hecate gave him a big smile. Still imitating Tanesha’s voice, she said, “How was Jeanie Jeanson?”

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