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Chapter Five Hundred and Eighty-six : Opinions (part three)


(part three)

The room fell silent. The Greek Gods had been invited there to give their opinion. No one dared speak and incur the wrath of Ares. The temperature of the room seemed to increase.

Hedone weaved through the immobile Gods until she reached her grandfather. She touched his shoulder, and he looked up at her. They shared a long looked before Ares nodded. He turned to the group.

“I won’t risk war,” Ares said. “Period.”

He pointed at Edie.

“If war begins, I will inform the Titans of the location of each of your realms,” Ares said. “It may surprise you but there are more of them left in the world than you’d think. They have long memories and know how to hold grudges.”

His voice was hard and to the point. Edie swallowed hard. Ares shook his head.

“No one will miss the fairies,” Ares said.

Edie opened her mouth to speak but Ares shook his head.

“I command you to find or develop representatives of each of the other realms and a representative for Ember,” Ares said. “Ember does not have a realm but deserves to have a voice. You may return with these representatives, and only when you have them.”

Ares waved his hand.

“Be gone,” Ares said.

Princes Edie of Queen Fand’s realm found herself standing on the backyard deck of the Castle. For a moment she was completely alone. Abi appeared a minute later.

“I … How do I …?” Edie shook her head. “These fairies will kill me and everyone I love. Áthas’s representatives have already come for my brothers and sisters. She will stop at nothing to kill me.”

“Don’t worry,” Abi said. “You witnessed a performance. Hedone and her grandfather have already set this up. Representatives from the other realms have been selected, educated, and are waiting for us to call on them.”

“What?” Edie asked.

“Trust,” Abi said. “Everything is in motion.”

“I …”

Still wearing her court finery, Edie collapsed back onto the picnic table. She felt as if the world was collapsing around her like it did every time her mother had betrayed her. She fell forward and wept into her hands.

She felt a large hand on her back and looked up to see her brother, Fin. Mari was standing just behind him. Keenan sat down on the picnic bench across from her. The teenager reached across the table to hold Edie’s hands. Her sister that is the Blue Fairy stood in tiny form on the table surface.

“Wha … Why?” Edie asked.

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