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Chapter Five Hundred and Eighty-six : Opinions (part one)


(part one


Edie wasn’t sure what she’d expected but it was not this. She, Hedone, and Abi had joined ten or twelve Greek Gods in a small, sweltering room with bare wooden walls. There were no seats. Everyone was standing or leaning against the walls. The Gods were so focused on arguing with each other that they barely acknowledged their presence.

“Where are we?” Edie whispered to Hedone.

“Ares’s Meeting room of the court,” Hedone said. “It looks like this because my grandfather, Ares, believes that people talk too long if they are comfortable.”

“What are they arguing about?” Edie asked.

“Your war,” Hedone said with a nod. “Ares has been monitoring the war for a long time.”

Edie nodded.

Artemis appeared at Edie’s side. The Goddess hugged Edie before saying hello to Hedone and Abi. Just then Athena began arguing with Ares. The two went head to head, point to point in some fast language.

“What are they speaking?” Edie whispered to Hedone.

“It’s a dialect of ancient Greek,” Artemis said with a roll of her eyes. “Spoke in Athens for a period of time. When they want to argue in private, they switch to this language.”

“What are they saying?” Edie whispered.

“Not a thing,” Abi said mildly.

She stepped forward into the room. Much to Edie’s surprise the Greek Gods dropped to one knee at the sight of her. She nodded to them and encouraged them to get up.

“Please,” Abi said. “We have little time before we must appear in court.”

The Greek Gods stood and turned to look at her.

“Princess Edith of Queen Fand’s realm is here to ask for oyur support,” Abi said.

“What would that look like, Mother?” Athena asked.

“I think that’s a very good question,” Abi said. “Princess Edith is hoping to stem an all out war between the queendoms.”

“We cannot sanction a war,” Ares said. “At this time in the world, a war between the fairies would disrupt everything.”

“And the world,” Abi said. “It’s not so long ago that I remember the fairies destroying nearly every creature on the planet out of their spite.”

“Precisely,” Ares said.

“There have been these attacks,” Hermes said. “My messengers have been pulled into the fray.”

“Queen Áthas’s fairies,” Edie said. “They believe that we had kept them from wealth and happiness.”

“Have you?” Ares asked.

“Not that I know of,” Edie said. “At least not intentionally. My brother …”

“Your brother is not here,” Artemis said softly. “Edie, you can do this.”

Edie’s eyes flicked to Artemis, and the Greek Goddess nodded.

“We would like to support all fairies to live long, happy, healthy lives,” Edie said. “This is why I wish to combine the fairy realms. Make them into equal states.”

“With you as the governor?” Athena said in a tone that seemed to challenge Edie.

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