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Chapter Five Hundred and Eighty-six : Opinions (part four)


(part four)

“Wha … Why?” Edie asked.

“We wanted to support you,” the Blue Fairy said.

“You know what’s going on?” Edie asked.

“Of course we do,” Keenan said.

He’d grown in to a handsome young man. Edie grinned at him. His voice had the lilt of the Isle of Man. He gave her a broad smile which made Edie smile even bigger.

“We are here to tell you that there is no betrayal here,” Fin said. “You couldn’t be involved in selecting other realms representatives.”

“What about Áthas?” Edie asked. “They tried to kill Tanesha.”

“Too bad we don’t know anyone who can walk time,” Fin said evenly.

“Hedone,” Edie whispered.

Fin nodded.

“Come sister,” Keenan said. “We have to give everything some time for things to unravel. Let’s enjoy the day.”

“What about school?” Edie asked Fin.

“We’re on lunch break,” Fin said. “Tanesha would be here but she wanted to catch up with our friend, Cody.”

Edie nodded.

“You need to change out of that…” Mari said, with a sneer, “… what are you wearing?”

Edie threw herself at her sister. Mari held Edie tight until Edie’s sobs slowed. When Edie looked up again, Fin was grilling some beast. Keenan and the Blue Fairy were making blue balls that were being thrown at …

“Papa,” Edie said.

Manannán turned around. Edie rushed to her father. He picked her up. Edie and her father had always been close, but in the last thousand years or so Manannán had been lost to the ocean. Then her father was deeply involved in transforming the nation. Edie hadn’t been in his physical presence in a very long time.

“We could not let you do this yourself,” Manannán said.

He kissed Edie’s cheek. Letting her go, he put his arm over her shoulder.

“Doesn’t this put us at great danger?” Edie asked. “We’re all here together and …”

“This is the Castle,” Manannán said with a smile. “No one in the world can see us here, let alone get here.”

“You’re sure?” Edie asked.

“Yes,” Abi said as she came out from the kitchen.

“Good,” Edie said. She looked from face to face. “It’s a great pleasure to see each of you.”

“It’s a gift for us,” Manannán said.

Grinning, Edie went to play games with Keenan and the Blue Fairy. If someone had asked Edie what she needed, she never would have guess hanging out with her siblings and father for an afternoon. As the day began to wind down, Edie knew that she’d been given a gift.

So when Abi came out to say, “Time to go,” Edie was ready for whatever happened next.

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