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Chapter Five Hundred and Eighty-seven : Trolls without bridges (part three)


(part three)

“I know that you aren’t upset about being pregnant,” Delphie said.

Valerie’s head jerked to look at Delphie.

“I …” Delphie put her hand on her chest, “ … used to tell you that you should be a liberated woman and you used to tell me that you wanted to have a bunch of kids. Do you remember why?”

“So we could have our own baseball team,” Valerie said, grudgingly.

“Now, granted, you probably won’t have that many kids, but it would take a lot for me to believe that you’re upset about being pregnant again,” Delphie said.

“Should we get Mike in here and flog him?” Honey asked. “I assume all of this is his fault.”

To her credit, Valerie actually laughed out loud.

“I’d like to see you try,” Valerie said. “He might enjoy that too much.”

The woman laughed.

“So what is it?” Delphie asked when their laughter subsided.

“I have to go to a premiere,” Valerie said. “The producer said that I have to wear triple layer of that slimming gear so that I don’t look like a ‘breeding cow.’”

“Who said?” Honey asked.

“Producer,” Delphie said.

“Right, but who is it?” Honey asked. “I’ll send him a mean tweet.”

Delphie laughed so hard that Honey and Valerie turned to look at her. Delphie wiped her eyes and laughed again.

“You’re being ridiculous,” Delphie said with a nod to Valerie. “And you know it. You’ve always wanted a big family. You love children. You have a lot of help here. Even if Edie doesn’t come back, there are lots of men and women who love kids here. Your child will grow up around all of these amazing people.”

Valerie scowled at Delphie.

“So what is it?” Honey asked again. “I would love to have another child, but we can’t. I’m just gaining strength. The doctors say that a baby would only set me back. It’s not worth it to M.J.”

“Right but you’re like twelve,” Valerie said.

Honey laughed.

“We do have time,” Honey said. “That’s true. But so do you. Why did you get pregnant again if this is a big deal?”

“You’d better be there,” Delphie read from the phone. “You’re integral to the movie. I expect you do show up, regardless of your breeding status. Cattle still work when they are pregnant. Why would you be different?”

“Who was that?” Honey asked.

“Producer,” Delphie and Valerie said at the same time.

Honey shook her head.

“Why don’t we all go?” Honey asked.

“What do you mean?” Valerie asked.

“I can go,” Honey said. “I bet Jill and Tanesha would go. Heather, too. Sandy, if she’s well enough.”

“I’d go,” Delphie said.

“We could go as your cattle herd,” Honey said. “I bet even Tink and Noelle would go.”

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