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Chapter Five Hundred and Eighty-seven : Trolls without bridges (part six)


(part six)

Asmaa moved away from Edie to sit on a bench along the wall of the room. The next fairy that came up had the white skin of Áthas’s tribe.

“Princess Edith,” the fairy said with a curtsey. “I am Athas’s daughter. I am Gudrid. My mother bears an Irish name due to her time as a pirate. Our tribe lives all over Europe. I was born near the modern country of Norway.”

“I’ve been asked to tell you to stop the attacks on those who live in the Castle in Denver,” Edie said.

The other two fairies looked surprised.

“You’ve lost two fairies,” Edie said. “You’re lucky that it was only two.”

“I give you my sincerest apologies,” Gudrid said. “That was an ill-conceived plan of the former envoy from our tribe.”

“She lost her life trying to steal the Sword of Truth,” Edie said evenly.

The fairy who was by her dress was from Queen Shanti’s tribe gasped and said, “They what?”

“She paid the price for her foolishness,” Gudrid said. “I hope that the actions of these foolish fairies won’t disrupt our alliances.”

“Why did your fairies want the Sword of Truth?” Edie asked.

Gudrid looked at Edie. After a moment, the fairy shook her head.

“Is this going to be an on-going issue?” Gudrid asked.

“I think your fairies behavior must be a topic our conversation,” Edie said. “Why does your tribe want the Sword of Truth?”

“It is over,” Gudrid said. “It does not concern us now.”

“It concerns me,” the fairy from Shanti’s tribe. She nodded to Edie, “Princess Edith, we have met before.”

“Princess Rani,” Edie said.

“Just Rani now,” the fairy from Shanti’s tribe said. “Our tribe collapsed. We’ve wanted to become a democracy for a very long time. We have been working on this project since our mother retreated. We have not made the project that Prince Finegal has made, but we will be ready to join the fairy union. As such, we will need full accountability of all of the fairy tribes.”

Rani shot Gudrid a dark look.

“What are your concerns about the Sword of Truth?” Edie asked.

“There is an old prophesy that the Sword of Truth will bring an end to the fairy world,” Rani said. “Whoever wields the sword will be able to stop the destruction, but only if he or she is willing to do it. It has always been assumed that one fairy tribe could use it to destroy the others.”

Edie watched Rani’s face to see if she was lying. As far as Edie could tell, Rani was telling the truth as she knew it.

“The fairy police have issued a report that they believe that is why Áthas’s tribe was interested in the sword — to destroy the other tribes,” Edie said. “Is this true, Gudrid?”

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