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Chapter Five Hundred and Eighty-seven : Trolls without bridges (part one)


(part one)

Wednesday evening — 7:15 p.m.

“Ugh,” Valerie said.

She threw her phone away from her. It landed in the middle of the carpet. They’d eaten early because the children were tired from their skirmishes in the fairy war.

“What’s up?” Honey asked.

She rolled in carrying two cups of tea. She rolled around the phone and gave a cup to Valerie.

“How are the kids?” Valerie asked.

“Between Jill and Mike, I don’t think that they will get much sleep,” Honey said.

“What do you mean?” Valerie asked.

“When I looked in, they were reading books to all of the kids together,” Honey said. “The little kids were stretched out on the floor and even the teenagers were listening in. Mike and Jill were making all of the voices of the story. It’s like they were enraptured.”

Valerie gave Honey a distracted nod. Honey set her cup on the side table and shifted to sit on the couch next to Valerie. Honey took Valerie’s hand and held it tight.

“What’s up?” Honey asked more gently.

“Oh …” Valerie sighed.

“I saw the controversy on social media,” Honey said.

Valerie nodded. Rather than say anything, Valerie took a drink of her tea. She looked at Honey.

“How did you know?” Valerie asked.

“I didn’t,” Honey said. “Jill said that she thought you were pregnant. I figured I wouldn’t risk it, plus I know that you like this tea.”

“It is delicious,” Valerie said.

Honey waited for a long few minutes.

“So …” Honey said.

Valerie turned to look at Honey.

“Are you pregnant?” Honey asked.

Valerie gave a slow nod.

“Kind of messes up your career?” Honey asked.

Valerie sighed.

“I see crap like that …” Valerie gestured to her phone lying in the middle of the carpet. “I just want to quit. I mean, it’s not a new feeling for me. I’ve been talking to Jake about it since I got back from the last film. He says that it’s just a phase, but … If I take a risk, then … And …”

Valerie shook her head. Honey waited for Valerie to speak. Valerie sighed.

“They are mad that we made the movie …” Valerie said. “And … and … and I have always wanted to play this part, to share the whole experience of this woman and …”

“Why are they coming after you?” Honey asked.

Valerie shook her head.

“Maybe we should ask Delphie,” Honey said.

“Ask me what?” Delphie asked.

“She has better things to do,” Valerie said.

“There is nothing more important to me than helping,” Delphie said.

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