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Chapter Five Hundred and Eighty-seven : Trolls without bridges (part four)


(part four)

“We could go as your cattle herd,” Honey said. “I bet even Tink and Noelle would go.”

Valerie looked at Honey for a long moment.

“Isn’t that some of what the movie is about?” Honey asked. “Using women as breeding stock without rights? Marrying ‘good breeding stock’?”

Valerie sucked in a breath.

“Maybe that’s what he meant,” Valerie said.

Her eyes flicked to Delphie, who gave her a doubtful look.

“Why do we care what he meant?” Honey asked. “Let’s do it.”

Valerie looked at Honey and then at Delphie.

“You guys would do this for me?” Valerie asked.

“We’d do it just for fun,” Honey said.

“Stick it to the man,” Delphie said with a laugh.

“What are we doing?” Heather asked, coming from downstairs.

Used to Heather’s comings and goings, no one thought it was strange that she would make an appearance.

“I was sent home,” Heather said. “The fairies are talking amongst themselves.”

Heather shrugged.

“What are we doing?” Heather asked.

“Val’s producer told her that cattle work while pregnant,” Delphie said.

Heather’s eyebrows went up.

“I was thinking that we could go as Val’s breeding herd,” Honey said.

“I’m in,” Heather said. “I’m sure my grandmother and Hera would come too.”

Valerie grinned at Heather.

“I was just talking to Athena,” Heather said. “I bet she’d come just to fuck things up. Have you met her?”

The woman shook their heads in unison.

“She is very striking looking,” Heather said. “Beautiful. Fierce. She’d love this.”

Valerie laughed out loud.

“Then it’s a date,” Honey said. “What shall we wear?”

“It’s period wear,” Valerie said.

“Even better,” Honey said with a laugh.

“Then it’s a deal,” Heather said. “Val?”

Valerie nodded.

“Delphie?” Heather asked.

“I wouldn’t miss it,” Delphie said. “Now how should we respond?”

“I know,” Honey said. “Where’s your phone?”

Delphie gave Honey Valerie’s phone. Honey patted the couch, and Heather sat down. Honey took a selfie that included all of them.

“What are you doing?” Valerie asked. “Wait.”

“It’s done,” Honey said.

“What did you do?” Valerie asked.

Honey gave her the phone. Honey had posted the photo and the note: “My breeding herd” to Twitter. Delphie laughed. Heather and Honey grinned.

Valerie’s phone dinged. The women leaned in to look at the phone.

“We’re in the herd!” #ValsBreedingHerd #BestFriend4Life

There was a photo of Samantha Hargreaves and her little sister, Erin’s grinning faces.

The next ding brought a photo of Tanesha and Sandy.

“Miss T and Sandy are in the herd.” #ValsBreedingHerd

And it continued. Other actresses that Val had worked with chimed in with photos and #ValsBreedingHerd. Within ten minutes, the hashtag was trending on Twitter.

“Boom,” Honey said.

“Is this what ‘going viral’ means?” Delphie asked.

Valerie just laughed.

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