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Chapter Five Hundred and Eighty-one : Ritual of love (part three)


(part three)

Will you tend the fire?” Abi asked.

“Of course.” Tanesha nodded. She knelt down to the fire.

“We are a community, a family,” Abi said. “One person’s struggle is affects us all. Our dear Ivy is struggling with her fear. Ivy?”

The girl looked up at Abi from Sam’s lap. Just then a car door slammed. Abi turned toward running feet. Jeraine stopped short on the pavement. He’d been running so fast that his dress shoes slid on the pavement. He laughed and walked to Tanesha.

“You are nearly late,” Abi said.

“Hey, I got here before …” Jeraine started. He kissed Tanesha.

Charlie and Tink arrived on his moped.

“You left us!” Charlie said.

“Oh crap, Charlie, I forgot,” Aden said. “I’m not any good at this time of night. I almost forgot Nash and Noelle. I was in the car and on the street without them.”

“He would have left us if we hadn’t flagged him down in the street,” Noelle said.

“True story,” Teddy said. “How’d you get up?”

“Maresol woke us,” Charlie said. “Told us we were late.”

“I’m sorry, son,” Aden said.

Aden got up and hugged Charlie and Tink. Charlie sat down with them. Tink joined Heather on their blanket.

A moment later, Edie appeared. She had her arms around Jacob who was holding Sandy up. Edie let go quickly to grab Sandy. Jacob went to the flower bed to throw up.

“Hurry, hurry,” Abi said looking up at the moon. “The moon’s position is nearly perfect.”

Jacob wiped his mouth on the back of his hand. He picked up Sandy to carry her over. Aden was there in a flash to take Sandy from Jacob.

“We needed to be here,” Jacob said to Jill as Aden took Sandy from him.

Jill gave him a beautiful smile and Jacob grinned. Jacob looked up for the first time and noticed the fire.

“Fin?” Jacob asked. “What’d you do to my grass?”

Valerie and Jill laughed.

“I will fix it,” Fin said, indignantly. “I am a fairy!”

“Who knew?” Jacob laughed.

Shaking his head at Fin, he went to Jill and the children. Aden settled Sandy on a blanket next to Charlie and between Noelle and Nash.

“Can I take over?” Jeraine asked, gesturing to the fire.

“It has to be feminine fire,” Tanesha said.

“That would not be me,” Jeraine said with a grin.

“Go sit down,” Tanesha said with a smile. “I’ve got this.”

“She started it with her hands,” Noelle said.

“I am not surprised,” Jeraine said with a smile. “She always starts a fire in me.”

“Yuck,” Katy said.

Laughing, he kissed Tanesha again and went to sit with Jabari.

“I believe we are all here,” Abi said. “Makes me so happy to see each of you.”

Abi looked up at the sky.

“And it’s time,” Abi said. “Good. Let’s begin again.”

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