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Chapter Five Hundred and Eighty-one : Ritual of love (part one)


(part one)

Monday night — 11:05 p.m. MT

Denver, Colorado

Ivy woke up screaming. Again.

Delphie sat up, but Sam was there first. He took Ivy from her bed in the little pantry closet off the kitchen and brought her back to their bed. He sat down with her on his lap and held her tight. Delphie touched the child’s back.

For the last two weeks, Ivy had awoken at this time, in this way.


While Sam assured her that it was just a phase, Delphie was beside herself with worry.

What could possibly be wrong with the child?

When they asked her, Ivy just shook her head. The next morning, Ivy had no memory of waking up or of screaming. Yet, the next night came around and Ivy was up again.

Valerie and Mike were often up late and had heard Ivy scream. They’d offered assistance, but as much as Ivy adored Valerie and her daughter, Jackie, being cuddled and loved by them didn’t help.

Nothing helped.

The child was clearly terrified.

Of something. No one seemed to know what.

As the days turned into a week, Ivy was beginning to deteriorate emotionally and mentally. She was starting to forget her school work. She was irritable with her friends. When she had the chance, she wanted to be alone.

Very simply, Ivy was not Ivy.

Delphie was too worried about her little niece that she had no access to her intuitive self.

When Ivy had stopped screaming, Sam stood up. He followed Delphie through the hallway, down the stairs, and through the Castle kitchen to their backyard garden. Abi, Fin, Tanesha, and Heather stood around a fire pit they’d created in the grass. Zoe and Zaidy, Abi’s twins, sat on the grass on a blanket with Jabari.

Fin was stacking firewood onto the pit.

“Good,” Abi said, waving them forward.

“Jake’s going to kill you for making that fire pit,” Jill said as she came out with a sleepy Katy. “He loves that grass.”

“What Jake doesn’t know won’t kill him,” Abi said mildly.

“I am a fairy,” Fin said.

“Yeah, remind everyone,” Tanesha said. “They might have forgotten since you haven’t mentioned it in the last five minutes.”

Fin scowled at her when the girlfriends laughed.

“This grass will be fine,” Abi said. “Don’t give it a thought.”

Grinning, Jill left Katy at the fire pit and went inside to get her twins.

Maggie ran out of the house with MJ and Honey on her tail. When Honey rolled to the stairs, MJ held out an arm. To everyone’s surprise, she got up from her chair and moved slowly, tenderly into the yard. Tanesha gave her a tight hug when Honey made it to the grass. Exhausted and sweating from the effort, Honey dropped down on the cool grass.

Jackie ran out of the house with Mack following her. Wyatt, Bladen, and Tanner came with Jill. Mike and Valerie came out together. Mike carried Eddie in a baby sling. Valerie jogged to Fin to give him some matches. He shook his head and nodded to Tanesha.

“It must be feminine fire,” Abi said. “Those wonderful matches are male energy. We need only female energy for this ritual.”

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