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Chapter Five Hundred and Eighty-one : Ritual of love (part four)


(part four)

“And it’s time,” Abi said. “Good. Let’s begin again.”

“We are a community, a family,” Abi repeated. “One person’s struggle is affects us all. Our dear Ivy is struggling with her fear. Ivy?”

Ivy struggled to her feet. Abi gestured for Ivy to come to her. She lightly touched Ivy’s shoulder.

“Do you know why you’re so frightened?” Abi asked.

Ivy shook her head.

“Just happens,” Ivy said. “It’s horrible. I’m afraid to go to sleep! And nothing helps.”

“Ivy is a direct relation to an Oracle,” Abi said. “Her fear could relate to something that is to come, something that might happen, or possibly something that has happened. Her terror maybe from the horrors she’s experienced in her own life or something of the world. We do not know because Ivy does not know.”

“This kind of energy and emotion is very simply too much for one individual to carry,” Abi said. “As her family, her community, I ask each of you — are you willing to carry some of Ivy’s terror?”

“I am!” Noelle’s exuberant voice was the first heard.

“Me too,” Katy said just moments before every member of the group agreed with a murmured “I am” or a nod.

“Good,” Abi said. “That’s very good. Is there anyone who would abstain?”

No one said anything.

“Perfect,” Abi asked.

“What does carrying some of Ivy’s burden mean?” Aden asked.

“Yes, what does it mean?” Abi smiled at Aden. “I’m sure everyone would like to know.”

There was a general agreeing murmur.

“In older cultures and societies, including those which you call ‘animals’, when one person feels something out of the blue, everyone wants to know about it,” Abi said. “The elders would be assembled and they would talk about what this strong feeling might indicate for the family. If they have a shaman, the shaman would meditate on the issue until he or she returns with a recommendation.”

“All of this would be done out in front of the entire community,” Abi said. “We live in little rooms. We keep our secrets and our privacy. So, while most of us know that Ivy’s been struggling, we don’t participate in her feelings and her healing.”

“As I said before, these feeling are too much for one soul to hold onto,” Abi said. “To repeat some of what I said before, Ivy’s terror could be nothing more than growing pains. Ivy is a girl on the verge of womanhood. Her mind could be working through that change. Or it could be a message from the ether that something ominous is about to happen. There is no way for us to know because Ivy does not know.

“We are Ivy’s community,” Abi said. “Our Oracle is unsure of what might be causing this issue. That happens. Because of our unique abilities, we are able to recreate Ivy’s terror right here for all of us to witness.”

“What if it’s embarrassing?” Teddy asked. “Like period stuff.”

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