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Chapter Five Hundred and Eighty-nine : Some thing's got to change (part six)


(part six)

Author’s note: You might find the next section confusing, and possibly rightly so.
If that’s the case, I’d encourage you to refer to Chapter Two Hundred and Sixty-eight of the Denver Cereal.
Hopefully, that helps.

“I think they’re trying to steal the Sword of Truth,” Katy said.

“Who are?” Paddie asked.

“Fairies,” Maughold said from behind Katy.

Katy spun around. Keenan was Maughold again. She smiled at him, and he gave her a slight nod.

“The Sword of Truth is said to make the difference in the last fairy war,” Keenan as Maughold said. “That sword …”

Maughold nodded to the sword in Katy’s hand.

“That’s actually the more powerful sword,” Maughold said. “I have the sense that I wanted to give it to you before, but you — and I — were rescued before I had the chance.”

Maughold nodded to the sword. Paddie appeared at the end of the row in the dark crypt. Katy hugged him in greeting.

“What’s Katy’s sword?” Paddie asked.

They looked down at the small sword. The sword was ornately detailed in gold and silver at the hilt. Because Katy was not very tall, the blade nearly reached the ground.

“The Vanquisher,” Maughold said. He gave Paddie a nod. “Technically, it’s a large knife. Or I should say, it’s the partner to the Sword of Truth.”

“Vanquisher?” Katy asked, tipping her head to the side.

“It means to conquer,” Maughold said. “Win.”

Looking at the sword, Katy and Paddie nodded.

“Every truth holds power but power must hear truth,” Katy said.

“That’s what my daddy says,” Paddie said.

The children nodded.

“It may have another name,”Maughold said. “We’ll find out from your Templar friend.”

“Should Paddie have them both?” Katy asked. She held the knife out to him.

“No,” Maughold said. “These swords chose you.”

“You gave the sword to me when you had white eyes!” Paddie said.

“I only followed the request of the sword,” Maughold said. “I am the keeper of these remains, these artifacts, and this place. When I was … unwell, I treated this crypt as a safe place from those who I feared pursued me. I realize now that I was hiding from myself, my own nature.”

Maughold put a hand on Katy’s cheek and another on Paddie’s cheek.

“You taught me that I could be anything,” Maughold said. He smiled. “That’s why I am here now.”

“Why are we here?” Katy asked.

“Áthas’s fairies want the Sword of Truth,” Maughold said.

“And Katy’s sword?” Paddie asked.

“They have no idea it’s here,” Maughold said.

Much to Katy and Paddie’s surprise, they saw madness, similar to what they’d seen those years ago, flash across Maughold’s face.

“Here we go again,” Maughold said.

Katy’s mommy was waking her for the morning.

“Mommy, the fairies have me in a time loop,” Katy spit out.

Katy arrived back in the crypt.

This time she was face to face with a fairy warrior. Katy took a step back. She opened her hand and her new knife appeared in her hand.

“Leave me alone!” Katy said.

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