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Chapter Five Hundred and Eighty-nine : Some thing's got to change (part four)


(part four)

Author’s note: You might find the next section confusing, and possibly rightly so.
If that’s the case, I’d encourage you to refer to Chapter Two Hundred and Sixty-eight of the Denver Cereal.
Hopefully, that helps.

“Where are we?” Paddie whispered.

“I don’ know,” Katy whispered back.

Paddie moved closer to Katy. They were standing in a very dark and cold place. Katy shivered as the wet cold penetrated her flannel just-like-Daddy pajamas. The children looked at each other. As if they couldn’t stop themselves, they repeated what they’d said before.

“Smells moldy here,” Paddie whispered.

“Dead.” Katy wrinkled her nose. “There are dead things here.”

Unable to stop themselves, they repeated what they’d done the first time they’d been here. Their surroundings became clearer as their eyes started to adjust to the deep black. They were in a kind of long tunnel carved out of stone. There was a stream of water running through the gutter carved into the middle of the path. They could make out semicircular arches cut into either side of the tunnel.

Paddie looked at Katy, and she nodded. They walked to the semicircular space nearest to them. This time they didn’t have to look inside the space.

They were looking at a human skeleton. The skeleton was resting on a metal grate, and there were stacks of bones under the grate. Katy made a small sound and began to shiver. Paddie put his arm around her to comfort her.

Katy looked at Paddie. She felt as if she was in two places at once — six year old Katy was standing here with six year old Paddie and they were here before when they were younger, smaller, when Katy’s mommy was having her brothers. Katy could tell by Paddie’s look that he felt the same way.

One thing was sure — Edie wouldn’t be here to help them this time.

They heard footsteps.


Paddie began to shake in terror at the idea that the horrible man, who’d they’d met before, would appear. Katy nodded to the crypt in front of them. Paddie easily climbed into the crypt. Because Katy was smaller than Paddie now, he helped her into the crypt.

Paddie and Katy gasped.

The Sword of Truth was lying in this crypt along with a smaller blade. Paddie picked up the Sword of Truth. As if the blade was greeting Paddie, a spark of lightning emitted from the blade. Paddie tucked it into the wooden scabbard he always wore. There the sword disappeared.

Katy grinned.

Paddie gestured for Katy to pick up the other blade. Katy had never had a sword before. When they were here last, the Sword of Truth didn’t have a companion. Katy’s hand reached toward the blade. As her hand neared the small sword, white lightning emanated from the grip. The sword levitated into her hand.

“It’s yours,” Paddie said with a nod. “Now we both have a shiny sword!”

Katy gave Paddie a broad smile. The children leaned back into the crypt. The creepy old man that they’d met before — Kirk Maughold — shuffled past them.

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