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Chapter Five Hundred and Eighty-nine : Some thing's got to change (part five)


(part five)

Author’s note: You might find the next section confusing, and possibly rightly so.
If that’s the case, I’d encourage you to refer to Chapter Two Hundred and Sixty-eight of the Denver Cereal.
Hopefully, that helps.

“It’s yours,” Paddie said with a nod. “Now we both have a shiny sword!”

Katy gave Paddie a broad smile. The children leaned back into the crypt. The creepy old man that they’d met before — Kirk Maughold — shuffled past them. After a moment, he came back to the crypt and peered at them. His eyes were the banana peel brown rather than the white unseeing eyes he’d had before.

“Hello Katy and Paddie,” the elderly man said.

“Keenan!” Katy said.

Keenan was the name of Kirk Maughold when he was returned to child form to grow up free of the pain and suffering he’d endured as Maughold.

“’Tis I,” Maughold said.

He gave them a formal bow.

“But how …?” Katy asked.

“How is it that you were drawn back here?” Maughold asked. “We are all replaying something that happened a long time ago.”

“But we’re older!” Paddie said.

“We are,” Maughold said. “Now, do you have the sword?”

Paddie and Katy nodded.

“Good,” Maughold said. He opened his mouth to say something else.

Katy and Paddie were back in their beds in Denver. Their moms were talking on the phone to each other as they woke them. Katy got up and went to the bathroom.

“You’ll meet your death here, little fairyling,” Maughold said. “I will send you and your friend to the abyss.”

Keenan blinked and looked at Paddie and Katy. He shrugged.

“I don’t know why we have to replay this, but I guess we do,” Keenan as Maughold said.

Maughol hung the children by the backs of their collars on a rack bolted to the wall. There was a noise above them and he looked up.

“Good timing,” he said.

“Do you have the sword?” Katy whispered to Paddie.

Paddie shook his head.

“Hold out your hand and call it to you,” Katy whispered.

The Sword of Truth appeared in Paddie’s hand. The other sword hovered over Katy’s. She grabbed the sword.

“What now?” Paddie whispered.

“I don’t know I think we’ll …” Katy started to say.

She was back in her bed. Her Mommy came in the room while talking on the phone.

“Mommy?” Katy asked.

“Yes, Katy-baby,” Jill said.

Katy was back in the tunnel with the rotten corpses.

This time she was alone.

She couldn’t help but shiver.

“Paddie?” Katy whispered.

“I’m here!” Paddie said from somewhere in the crypt.

She looked up to see the small sword zooming through the air toward her. After years of training with Fin, she instinctively plucked the sword from the air. She heard the bell sound the Sword of Truth made when Paddie put the sword into the scabbard.

“What’s happening?” Paddie’s voice was laced with something between fear and awe.

“I think they’re trying to steal the Sword of Truth,” Katy said.

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