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Chapter Five Hundred and Eighty-four : What was that? (part two)


(part two)

Jill nodded which Delphie mimicked.

“I understand,” Delphie said. “That’s happened to me.”

Sandy was so relieved that Delphie understood that she lay back on the bed. For a moment, they were silent.

“What happened then?” Delphie asked.

Sandy nodded to Jill.

“There was a bright light,” Jill said. “She heard her Mom’s voice. Um, her real mom.”

“Andy,” Delphie said.

“Didn’t know I …” Sandy pointed to her ear.

“Sure,” Delphie said. “Her voice would be imprinted deep in your brain. What did Andy say?”

“Not alone,” Sandy said. She touched her chest. “Soul tired.”

“That’s the truth,” Delphie said.

“You think that Sandy’s soul is tired,” Jill said.

“Exhausted,” Delphie said. “Don’t you?”

“I don’t know,” Jill said. She put her hand on Sandy’s leg. “She feels … tired, but …”

“She’s had a lot of stuff happen to her in the last few years,” Delphie said. “I know that you have as well. Tanesha, certainly Heather. Well, all of us really.”

Delphie nodded.

“Sandy started in a tired place,” Delphie said. She looked at Sandy. “Overwhelmed easily? Tired? Need time to yourself? Obsessed about certain things? No new relationships?”

Sandy raised her hands with her palms toward Delphie.

“Right, I thought so,” Delphie said. “This has been a lot for us, but for Sandy … I have to agree. Your soul is exhausted.”

The truth hit Sandy like a ton of bricks. She looked at the wall.

“How?” Sandy asked.

“How do you rest your soul?” Delphie asked.

Sandy nodded. Jill closely watched the interaction.

“You’re doing it now,” Delphie said. “Staying here. In this room. Having Maresol care for you. You will have more and more time to yourself, which will help.”

Delphie nodded.

“You’re doing all of the right things,” Delphie said. “Who do you think came?”

Sandy shrugged.

“We thought it might be Tanesha’s grandfather, but it sounded like Andy,” Jill said.

“Could have been,” Delphie said. “I’ve never known of anyone who’s seen him in energetic form that didn’t have their eyes burned out. He’s the archangel of light. In his energetic form, he is blinding to all beings. I don’t think even Ne Ne has seen him like that. Was the light you saw bright but not too bright?”

Sandy nodded. She touched her nose.

“Yes,” Delphie said. “That’s how Maresol knew that you’d been visited.”

“How?” Jill asked. “What?”

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