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Chapter Five Hundred and Eighty-four : What was that? (part six)


(part six)

Tuesday morning — 6 p.m. MT

Denver, Colorado

“It’s definitely not called the ‘Fairy Killer,’” Nelson said with a grin.

Blane had called Nelson to check in on how he was doing. They were talking over the Internet via video call on Blane’s phone. Blane was walking across the street to Nelson’s house to show him the work that the construction team had finished that day.

“You sound certain,” Blane said.

“There is a sword called the ‘Fairy Killer,’” Nelson said. “It’s known to be in the dungeon of Queen Fand’s armory.”

“When you say ‘known to be’ you usually mean that’s where people think it is,” Blane said.

Nelson gave Blane a sparkling smile.

“So where is it?” Blane asked.

“Safe,” Nelson said.

Blane shot him a “tell me more” look, and Nelson laughed. Blane pointed at Nelson.

“No secrets!” they said in unison.

They both laughed.

“It’s nice to hear you laugh,” Blane said. He paused for a moment before adding, “You’ve been …”

“Intense?” Nelson asked.

“Pissy,” Blane said. “That’s the word I was avoiding saying.”

Nelson grinned at Blane.

“I’m just happy to talk with you,” Nelson said. “It’s nice. Feels like … I have family, I guess.”

“You do have family!” Blane said. “Come on. I’m here.”

Blane tapped on the door to the two story home in front of Nelson’s small apartment. Tres opened the door.

“Nelson,” Blane said, passing Tres the phone.

“Dude!” Tres said. “Comment se passe ton voyage?”

Tres was learning French, and Nelson was learning Spanish, so they spoke to each other this way.

“Beuno,” Nelson replied that his trip was going well. “Es un case intresante.”

“Bon,” Tres said. He switched to English to say, “You won’t believe how much progress they’ve made. I guess Jake was right when he said that the biggest hold up was us trying to figure out what we wanted.”

“Really?” Nelson asked. “It always seemed like such a wreck.”

“I thought the same thing,” Tres said.

“Where’s Heather?” Nelson asked.

“Olympia,” Tres said.

Nelson swallowed hard. Tres nodded to his reaction.

“The fairy war is heating up,” Tres said. “They tried to kidnap Fin and Tanesha today.”

“What?” Nelson asked. “Blane said something about a sword, but …”

Blane nodded in the background that it was true.

“Tanesha called Perses,” Tres said. “That seemed to work. You still have Mari watching you?”

“I haven’t …” Nelson said.

Mari the fairy appeared in the background.

“She just arrived,” Nelson said.

“The other Queendoms have declared war on Queen Fand’s family,” Tres said. “It’s crazy. We’re all on guard.”

“They only have a chance because Edie and Abi are in Olympia,” Blane said. “They can only get at us in unprotected buildings. They wouldn’t dare come after Jill or any of her family.”

“Any idea why Perses hates fairies so much?” Tres asked.

“Titan Purge,” Nelson said with a nod. “The fairies wanted power over the Titans so they joined forces with the Greek Gods. They went after Perses and his family, in particular. He and Hecate survived by hiding but his wife-sister got caught.”

“The cat,” Tres said.

“She would have died if Hedone hadn’t found her,” Nelson said. “The fairies are terrified of Hedone, as well. No greater power than the power of love and all.”

Tres and Blane gave him a thoughtful nod.

“Let’s show you around,” Blane said. “I have to get the boys and get to dinner.”

“Let’s do it,” Nelson said.

He sat down on the bed, and Mari sat down next to him. They watched Blane and Tres take them through the building. Tres and Blane were excited but to Nelson it seemed like they still had a long way to go.

“Fabulous,” Nelson said. “I’m excited!”

He said his good byes and set the phone on the table.

“You want to talk about it?” Mari asked.

Nelson shook his head.

“It’s just family stuff,” Nelson said.

“Templar stuff,” Mari said.

Nelson nodded.

“You know that I know all about the Templars, right?” Mari asked.

“How?” Nelson asked.

“Mother tried to marry me off to one of your ancestors,” Mari said.

“Of course,” Nelson said with a scowl. “Want to get some dinner?”

“I’d love to,” Mari said.

Nelson held out his elbow and they walked out of the room to the diner next door to the hotel.

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