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Chapter Five Hundred and Eighty-five : When the fairies come to call (part two)


(part two)

“Turn around,” Katy yelled to her class. “Cover your eyes!”

When she was sure that the children turned around and covered their eyes, Katy simply opened her hands. The fairy popped and blew to bits in a flash of light. The pieces of the fairy fizzled and turned to dust.

Katy released the protective shell. The kids turned around.

“You can go back,” Katy said.

A little giddy, the children laughed and talked their way back to their seats. The protective ghost appeared with the janitor who swept up the front of the classroom. The principal arrived just as the janitor was leaving.

“Where is your substitute teacher?” the principal asked.

“She didn’t show up.” The teacher’s pet in the front said in such an earnest tone that the principal believed her.

“But I saw her,” the principal said.

“She must have gotten lost,” the boy sitting next to the teacher’s pet said.

The principal looked at the two children and then at the class. Every child nodded in agreement.

As far as the children remembered, the substitute teacher had never arrived.

“Well, we’ll see what we can do about that,” the principal said. “Will you children stay here in your seats while we sort this out?”

Looking like perfect angels, the children nodded. When the door closed, the kids started laughing and talking again. Katy took out the can of brownies Delphie had given her for her class. The teacher’s pet jumped up and went to the class refrigerator to get the little milk boxes and some oat milk for Julio. The kids ate brownies and drank their milk until the principal returned.

She looked at the brownies, the milk, and the children. She opened her mouth to say something about Julio but then saw that he was drinking his oat milk.

“It seems like there was some trouble next door,” the principal said.

“Paddie!” Katy hopped to her feet.

The principal looked at Katy and shook her head.

“Everyone is just fine,” the principal said. “There is no reason for concern.”

Katy wavered for a moment, unsure if she should sit down or check on Paddie. The principal pointed Katy to her seat, so she sat down.

“We’re going to combine the classes with the older kids,” the principal said. “The older kids said that they’d love to have you. And, I know how much you love those days. Doesn’t that sound fun?”

The kids cheered. Katy grinned. Today was going to be a great day.

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