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Chapter Five Hundred and Eighty-five : When the fairies come to call (part six)


(part six)

“I see,” Mrs. Palio said. She held out her hand. “And the charm?”

“It was …” Paddie started.

“Shush,” Mrs. Palio said. “I need to speak with the sword.”

They waited in awkward silence while Mrs. Palio held out her hand in the direction of the sword. After a few minutes, Mrs. Palio said, “I see.”

Mrs. Palio looked around the room at the children.

“It’s very nice to meet each of you,” Mrs. Palio said. “It’s clear that the fairies want to drag you into their war. They believed that school was their best bet. But you stopped them.”

“What about my brothers?” Katy asked.

Mrs. Palio gave her a warm smile.

“They saw your grandmother and left,” Mrs. Palio said with a chuckle.

“That sounds about right,” Katy said.

The other kids chuckled.

“Well, you all did really well,” Mrs. Palio said. “You may return to your classroom.”

They were almost out of the room when Mrs. Palio called Paddie back. Katy went with him.

“Take care of her,” Mrs. Palio said.

“Katy takes care of me,” Paddie said.

“The sword,” Mrs. Palio said. She smiled. “She was mine for a very short period of time. She deserves a protector such as you. In the meantime, the defenses of the school are being fortified. You should not have another disturbance such as this morning.”

“Katy?” Tink asked from the doorway.

“Yes, Tiffanie, you may take them back with you,” Mrs. Palio said. “Will you tell Hedone that I am here?”

“First thing,” Tink said.

“I will look forward to seeing her again,” Mrs. Palio said. “Oh and …”

The children looked up at her.

“I would very much like to see my sister,” Mrs. Palio said.

“She’s here today,” Katy said.

“Rachel brought Cleo to school again?” Tink asked.

“She has to give a report,” Katy said with a nod.

Mrs. Palio intently watched the interaction. Katy looked at the principal.

“She’s invisible,” Katy said. “But you could get her from Rachel. She’s in Kindergarten. Your sister is a cat now.”

The principal gave them a vague nod, so the children left the room. They were nearly back to the classroom when Tink spoke.

“That was odd,” Tink said.

“Strange,” Paddie said.

Katy nodded in agreement. Tink pushed open the door to the classroom and they all went inside.

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