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Chapter Five Hundred and Eighty-five : When the fairies come to call (part one)


(part one)

Wednesday morning — 8:01 a.m.

Marlowe School

A happy child, Katy skip-walked toward her classroom. Paddie gave her a nod before he went into the classroom next to hers. She smiled at him and went into her classroom.

Her last name was “Marlowe” now so that meant that her assigned seat was in the middle of the room. Sometimes, she wished her last name was “Zarlowe” so she could be in the back row. She grinned at the made up name “Zarlowe.” If that was her last name, her first name would probably be “Xaty.”

She giggled a little bit as she went to her seat. She liked all of the people in her class, and they liked her in a kind of stand offish way. At least they invited her to their birthday parties.

Katy liked birthday cake.

And Valentine’s Cards.

But Paddie was her best friend so that was that.

Katy set her backpack straps on her chair and nodded hello to her neighboring kids. Still a small child, she slipped into her seat and looked up to the front for the first time. She scowled.

There was a fairy standing at the front of the class.

Feeling her eyes, the fairy looked up at her. The fairy had made every effort to pretend to be human. Her reflective white skin was covered with some kind of makeup. She wore a boring outfit and what Katy’s mommy called “sensible” shoes.

This was a bad fairy from some place that was here to hurt her.

Katy was on her feet.

“Be gone, fairy,” Katy said.

The fairy snarled at Katy. But Katy pointed at her.

“You are not welcome here,” Katy said.

“I am your substitute teacher,” the fairy said.

“You are here to kill us or take us hostage,” Katy said.

Turning to her class, she said, “Get behind me.”

Katy was well known to these kids. They didn’t hesitate to do what she told them to do. Every child in her class hopped out of their seats and ran to stand behind Katy. When they were safely behind her, Katy build a force field in front of them.

“Leave here now and you will not be hurt,” Katy said.

“Human child, what could you possibly do to me?” the fairy asked.

Katy clapped her hands and the Marlowe School protective ghost appeared at the door. The ghost looked at the fairy and then nodded to Katy. The ghost disappeared.

The fairy hissed and stepped toward Katy.

Katy simply grinned at the fairy.

“Turn around,” Katy yelled to her class. “Cover your eyes!”

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