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Chapter Five Hundred and Eighty-five : When the fairies come to call (part five)


(part five)

“Not without us,” Charlie said.

“If you’re attempting to protect these children, you should know that they do not need your protection,” Mrs. Palio said with a soft smile. “I do like your efforts. I need to speak to them about this morning.”

“Not without us,” Tink said and stood up.

“Great-Auntie Latona?” Katy asked.

Surprised by Katy’s words, Mrs. Palio’s head jerked to look at her.

“It’s okay if they come,” Katy said. “They know everything.”

Mrs. Palio blinked at Katy for a moment and then looked Charlie, Tink, Nash, Teddy, and Noelle. Her eyes lingered on Ivy.

“My aunt’s an Oracle,” Ivy said, evenly.

“That makes more sense,” Mrs. Palio said. She smiled. “I have yet to meet her. Actually, I haven’t done much since I’ve been in town. There’s so much to do here.”

Mrs. Palio looked around the room and smiled.

“I need to speak with Miss Marlowe and Mr. Hargreaves in private,” Mrs. Palio said. “If you need to come, then come along. The morning is young and there’s much to do.”

She waved to the children and they followed her out of the classroom. They went down the hallway to the office. When they’d reached Mrs. Palio’s office, she waved for them to take seats. The seats multiplied until there were enough seats for all of them. Katy and Paddie sat closest to her desk.

“Now,” Mrs. Palio said. “Can you tell me what happened this morning? Please be precise and specific. What you say will be a part of our filing with the fairy police.”

“Fairy police?” Nash asked.

“Is there such a thing?” Teddy asked.

“Yes, it’s something Prince Finegal spent his summer setting up,” Mrs. Palio said. “Now, Katy?”

“Our substitute teacher was a fairy who wanted to kill me,” Katy said. “I protected the class and then got rid of her.”

“Is that all?” Mrs. Palio asked.

“I got rid of my class’s memory of it,” Katy said.

“Good thinking,” Mrs. Palio said. “And you, Mr. Hargreaves?”

Paddie explained what happened.

“And what is so special about the sword?” Mrs. Palio asked.

“It’s the Sword of Truth,” Paddie said.

Surprised, Mrs. Palio looked each person in the face to see if they were lying.

“How?” Mrs. Palio asked.

“Maughold gave it to Paddie while they were on the Isle of Man,” Noelle said, repeating the story she’d heard at least a hundred times. “Then he became Keenan. He still lives on the Isle of Man but he’s not a scary man.”

“After living with us for a while,” Charlie said.

The children nodded in agreement.

“He had white eyes,” Paddie said.

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