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Chapter Five Hundred and Eighty-eight : Bring in the Oracle (part six)


(part six)

“No offense meant,” Abi said.

Delphie waved her hand to shoo away Abi’s comment. Delphie was not offended.

“It seems that they …” Delphie’s eyes flicked to Abi. “Well …”

“What is it?” Abi asked.

“You would have to give them the choice — stay, participate, keep your powers, or leave,” Delphie said. “Most will make the choice to leave. They will need support and assistance.”

“So we could do a year test?” Abi asked. “We’ll help the tribe settle into the human world and then you have a year out on your own.”

Delphie scowled and shook her head.

“What?” Abi asked.

“My sense is that they wish to destroy all fairies,” Delphie said. “They feel like the other fairies have excluded them because they are less powerful.”

Delphie looked at Abi.

“Were they excluded?” Delphie asked.

“Not that I know of,” Abi said. “We’d have to ask Fin, but I believe that they spurned all of his efforts to include them.”

Delphie nodded.

“Why would they want to destroy all fairies?” Abi asked.

“I …” Delphie’s eyes went vague. After a moment, she cleared her throat. “Sorry.”

“What happened?” Abi asked.

“We need to get Edie and the others out of there,” Delphie said.

“Out of Olympia?” Abi asked. “Where? Where can I place them?”

“Tunnels,” Delphie said. “Below us here. They will be safe there.”

Abi gave Delphie a curt nod. Delphie closed her eyes. Her lips moved in what looked like prayer.

“Rosary?” Abi asked after hearing the whisper.

“Childhood habit,” Delphie said. “When can we go save them?”

“You speak. I act,” Abi said. “The fairy envoys are in the brick coal tunnel under the house.”

“And Áthas’s daughter?” Delphie asked.

“She is with them,” Abi said. “Can they change her mind?”

Delphie shook her head.

“They may still be getting instruction from Áthas,” Delphie said.

“May?” Abi asked.

“They are,” Delphie said. “Áthas wants revenge. Her sisters were more successful than she. Áthas had to suffer greatly while the others thrived. She blames her sister fairies. Áthas wants her fairies to destroy the fairy world so that when the sisters are off retreat, they will feel like Áthas has felt all of this time.”

Abi raised her eyebrows and looked ahead. Abi was quiet for such a long time that Delphie closed her eyes and went into trance.

“No!” Delphie screamed. “No!”

Abi grabbed onto Delphie as she kept screaming. Jill’s door flew open and she ran down from the loft. Heather and Blane came running up. Tanesha and Honey came into the living room at the same time.

“I can’t make any sense of her,” Abi said. “She saw something …”

“Paddie.” Delphie’s lips whispered the name and the Oracle collapsed.

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