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Chapter Five Hundred and Eighty-eight : Bring in the Oracle (part one)


(part one)

“The fairy police have issued a report that they believe that is why Áthas’s tribe was interested in the sword — to destroy the other tribes,” Edie said. “Is this true, Gudrid?”

The fairy looked at Edie but didn’t respond.

“Who wields the sword, now?” Asmaa asked.

“Some kid,” Gudrid said.

“The sword has been bound to the child,” Edie said.

“By whom?” Gudrid gave a little grin.

“By a Titan,” Edie said.

“Unbreakable,” Asmaa said under her breath.

“It is unbreakable,” Edie said. “So anyone who tries to take the sword from Paddie will die.”

“And if child dies?” Asmaa asked.

“You mean can you kill the child and take his sword?” Edie asked. “No. And either way, the sword is bound to the child’s genetic material. It will be passed through his blood line to his heirs.”

“You seem fairly certain,” Rani said.

“I am,” Edie said. “To be clear, if you attempt to take the sword and you will die. Period. This is how the Sword of Truth has always worked. Why would you be surprised that it works that way now?”

“Because her protector is a human boy,” Asmaa said. “A young child barely able to read.”

“He may not be able to read well, but he will protect the sword,” Edie said. “Is this why you’ve come? To argue over an object of power?”

Shocked, the fairies looked at Edie.

“I’ve heard that you are now connected to a Templar,” Gudrid said. “That you have a plethora of power objects at your beck and call.”

“That’s not correct,” Edie said. “My sister owns the Fairy Princess because it was made for her. It will die with her.”

“But you know a Templar,” Gudrid said.

“I do,” Edie said.

“They attempted to destroy our tribe,” Gudrid said. “I have a right to be concerned.”

Rani and Asmaa watched this interaction closely to see how Edie would respond.

“We are fairies,” Edie said. “Together, we are stronger. The Templars are not currently a threat. They do have access to many of the swords of power as well as other power objects. This is true.”

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