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Chapter Five Hundred and eighteen : Sam's tour of Leadville (part five)


(part five)

“This is Blane,” Sam said. “He’s my brother’s child and my son.”

Blane blushed at the introduction. He looked at Sam, his father by choice. The woman looked Blane up and down. Blane felt like he was being searched head to toe.

“I apologize,” the woman said with a grin. “You look so much like Gregg, I thought maybe you …”

Blane shook his head.

“Sam’s father had always said that your brothers had killed all of his children,” the woman said leaning toward Sam.

“He was rescued by a Goddess,” Sam said.

“Of course he was,” the woman grinned at Blane. “You must be very special.”

Blane’s eyebrows moved up and down as the attempted to work out why the woman had said that he was special.

“Goddess,” the woman said.

“Oh,” Blane said. “It’s an expression. We all love the Goddess Hedone.”

“Isn’t she a half-God?” the woman asked. “Her mother is human.”

Blane blinked at her for a moment before turning to Sam. Blane gave him a “Are you okay?” look. Sam nodded.

“This is Ginger,” Sam said. “We hired her to take care of my father when he was in his last years. She knows the family secrets.”

“He was a real asshole,” Ginger said with a smile.

“Worse than that,” Sam said with a laugh. “Did he …He didn’t assault you or …?”

“No,” Ginger smiled at Sam. “I wanted a child. I met you and saw how great you were — You, Celia, Delphie, your kids. It’s pretty creepy to think about now, but I had a big crush on Valerie. Your dad said that his sons had all died or were assholes, like you, Sam.”

Sam nodded in agreement.

“Sounds like him,” Delphie said.

“He wanted more kids. To leave a legacy. I thought, ‘Why not?’ If the kids are anything like Sam, I’ll be the luckiest mom in the world.” Ginger smiled. “I was pregnant with Gregg when he died. Your dad insisted on donating so that ‘we’ could have more kids.”

Ginger gave Sam a big smile and then sighed.

“You’re right,” Ginger said. “I should have told you. But I didn’t want you to think that I wanted anything from you or from the estate. I just wanted the boys. That’s all.”

“He left you money,” Sam said.

“I used it for medical school,” Ginger said with a smile. “Gregg and Gary were just babies. We went to medical school together. I finished school and came back to start a small clinic here. Had George.”

Ginger looked at Blane again.

“I didn’t know about you,” Ginger said. “It will be nice to catch up.”

“Mr. Lipson was going to give us a tour of Leadville.” George popped up from behind his mom’s car.

Ginger put her hand on his messy brown hair. The boy was holding a popsicle and his mouth was rimmed red from eating it. Ginger wiped at his mouth with her thumb.

“Well, by all means, don’t let me intrude,” Ginger said. “I got nervous when I couldn’t contact Gregg. I knew he was doing something out at the cemetery.”

Ginger looked at Sam and then at Delphie.

“Were you able to save the planet?” Ginger said with a little sarcasm.

“Actually we were,” Delphie said with a smile. “Your boys really helped.”

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