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Celia's Puppies, Chapter Twenty-seven: Going to be a good day (part eight)


(part eight)

“What happened today, Honey?” Sam asked. “You started to tell us. Your Mom told you about the trusts last night. And…”

“I was asked to report to Human Resources. I figured I was getting fired, so I just came here.” The young woman stuck her chin out in stubborn defiance. “You want to fire me, you have to do it to my face.”

“OH SHIT!” Blane exclaimed. Flipping through stack of paper, he pulled out a paper clipped set from the stack. He set the packet in front of Jacob. “Sorry Jake. It’s in the stack of papers to sign.”

“We haven’t figured out how to sign the papers yet.” Blane gave Honey a weak smile. “He can’t hold a pen and…”

Jacob looked at the papers.

“You’ve been approved for the scholarship program, Honey.” Jacob flipped through the papers. “Wow, your high school grades are excellent. I had no idea you did so well.”

“Your mom said, ‘Every day, we must work hard, take every opportunity and suck the marrow out of life’,” Honey said. “I do that. Every day. Suck the marrow. But I don’t actually suck marrow out of bones. I tried that? And it was kind of gross.”

“Yeah, it’s gross.” Jacob wrinkled his nose. Aden and Blane nodded as if they also had tried marrow sucking. “You know how this works?”

Honey shook her head.

“I just want to go to college. And I want to pay for it myself. I mean, Mom said Dad would pay for it, but I want to do it myself. But I can’t afford it, so I applied for the scholarship. That’s like doing it yourself, isn’t it?”

“Very much so,” Aden said. “You have to work full time and go to school. I mean, it’s a lot but that’s how I paid for college and my MBA.”

“Me too,” Blane said. “Only Jake had the free ride.”

“You have to pay for the first semester.” Jacob kept talking as a way of ignoring Blane’s comment as the ride never felt very free. “You can take whatever classes you want. If your grades are good, like over a B, we reimburse you.”

“Oh,” Honey said. “I can’t pay for the first semester. I had to replace my car and my apartment…”

“I’ll give you the money,” Sam said.

“If you give me money, then, you’ll have to give money to…”

“I’ll do it,” Valerie said. She was standing in the doorway. “I’ll give you the money. And I’m okay if you keep the name.”

Honey jumped to her feet. Valerie had never spoken to her. In fact, she hadn’t ever been in the same room as her famous actress step-sister.

“And he’s the only Dad I’ve ever had too.” Val nodded. Walking forward, she held her hand out. “I’m Valerie Lipson.”

Honey shook Valerie’s hand.

“Thanks,” Honey said.

“You’re a part of the Lipson family,” Val said. “I… I’m glad to meet you…”

Honey beamed at Valerie.

“Finally,” Sam said.

The retelling of Celia’s Puppies, Denver Cereal Volume 2, continues tomorrow…

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