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Celia's Puppies, Chapter Twenty-nine: Mess with one... (part four)


(part four)

“I hate liars,” Tanesha said. “Jill? Did you hear what Miss Thing here said?”

“I did.” Jill walked in the door behind Aden. She touched Aden’s shoulder as she walked by. “I’ve known Sandy since she was eight years old and she would never say a bad word about anyone. Especially someone who was her friend. But I know you love to spread evil lies and gossip about people, Lexi.”

“I couldn’t have said it better myself,” Heather said.

“Plus.” Finding her voice at last, Sandy said, “I was there. And this article is wrong. Aden wasn’t arrested and the kids are home… are home with us.”

Sandy went around the counter to stand with Aden. She stretched up on her toes to kiss his lips.

“Hi honey,” she said.

Aden looked at Sandy. His shock and insecurity vanished in her warm smile.

“Ready to work out?” Sandy asked.

“You can be with your friends,” Aden said. “Girls day and all.”

“Nah,” Jill said. “We came to spa.”

“And deal with this skank,” Tanesha said. “Listen Ms Thing, you mess with one of us, you mess with all of us.”

“And we don’t like being messed with,” Heather said.

“Spray weed killer on love? And the gardeners get pissed,” Jill finished.

“That was good,” Tanesha said. She and Jill walked around the counter. “Weed killer and gardeners.”

“I thought so,” Jill smiled.

“Damn, Sandy, I forgot how cute he was.” Tanesha nodded then entered the gym.

“He’s really cute,” Heather said before turning into the gym.

Aden and Sandy stood holding hands at the counter.

“I’m sorry, Lexi,” Aden said. “I’ve tried to make it up to you. You have your career, your car, the life you said you wanted, and I’ve been happy to help.”

Surprised, Sandy’s head jerked to look at Aden. She had no idea that Aden had tried to make anything up to Lexi. Certainly, Lexi hadn’t mentioned it when she told her all that awful stuff about Aden.

“But we still have this animosity. It’s been a long, long time. What’s it going to take to let this go?”

“You’ll be sorry, Sandy. He’s nothing but trouble.” Lexi made a sour face.

“I’ll take my chances,” Sandy said.

Tugging on Aden’s hand, she led him around the counter to the aerobic equipment. Aden stopped to say something else to Lexi, but Lexi looked away from him. He shrugged.

“I need to change into my workout clothes,” Aden said.

“I’ll start warming up on the treadmill.”

Aden was half way across the gym when he ran back to Sandy. Picking her up, he held her in a crushing embrace.

“Thanks,” he whispered in her ear.

“This is not helping my widening ass,” Sandy repeated her work out joke.

“I love your ass.” Aden kissed her then went off to change.

“He’s really cute,” a woman said as she walked by Sandy. “And that woman is a bitch. I’ve seen you guys workout here. Six years or so, right?”

Sandy nodded.

“You’re very cute together.”

“Thanks.” Sandy blushed then turned on the treadmill.

Aden was cute.

And he loved her.


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