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Celia's Puppies, Chapter Twenty-nine: Mess with one... (part eight)


(part eight)

Tuesday early morning — 2:12 A.M.

“Where’ve you been hiding?” Jacob asked Mike.

Jacob had opened his eyes an hour earlier. He lay in bed aching for Jill until he couldn’t stand himself. He wandered to the Castle main kitchen for some cereal. He was right in the middle of some quality self pity when Mike sauntered into the kitchen.

“How did you know I’ve been hiding?” Mike asked.

“I’ve hid from this Hollywood crap for years.”

Mike nodded his head. Pulling a bowl from the cabinet, he poured some Captain Crunch. He held the box for Jacob. Jacob nodded and Mike filled his bowl. They ate in silence.

“What I don’t get…” Mike started then took a bite of cereal.

Jacob looked up at Mike.

“Why didn’t you give Jill another room in the attic? I mean, you’re just in a small part… like nine hundred square feet or something. The attic is…”

“Twenty-nine hundred square feet,” Jacob said. “Listen man, Jill wanted to go home.”

“She wanted some space of her own,” Mike said. “Everyone likes to have some space to themselves. I need it. Val needs it. And you have rooms and rooms…”

“Jill was here for a week,” Jacob said. “She could have moved in to the other space if she wanted to. She told me she wanted to go home… was rather insistent about it.”

“I doubt Jill knows there’s more space in the attic. She’s a very concrete person. If she doesn’t see it, it doesn’t exist,” Mike said. “In fact, she asked me a couple times if I had the key to the bathroom closet. I didn’t pay any attention because there …”

“Isn’t a closet in the bathroom,” the men said together.

“Oh.” Jacob said. He stood from his seat to put his bowl in the kitchen sink.

“Do you have the key to the door?”

“Sure,” Jacob said.

“Let’s go show her the rest of the attic,” Mike said.

“Jill’s here?”

Jacob rushed toward the door. In a breath, he was up the stairs and holding Jill. She nestled her head against his good shoulder.

“Yes,” Jill said.

“Yes?” Jacob asked.

“I’ll marry you.”

The retelling of Celia’s Puppies, Denver Cereal Volume 2, continues tomorrow…

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