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Celia's Puppies, Chapter Thirty-two: Who knew (part three)


(part three)

Wednesday evening — 6:25 P.M.
Denver, CO

“Merde,” Frederec said.

A woman’s angry voice echoed down the hall.

“What?” Mike asked.

Wearing a tux shirt and his boxer shorts, Mike stood with his arms out so Frederec could make the final adjustments to his new wardrobe. Mike was afraid to move in case he was pricked by a pin or tore something or whatever he might do to such finery.

“Maman has seen Jill’s hair,” Frederec said.

“Listen, it’s not Jill’s fault. It’s not like she…”

“No, no,” Frederec said. “No one blames Jill.”

“Is your Mom going to terminate the contract? I know Jill’s been really excited…”

The woman’s angry voice came down the hall and past the door of the small room they were in. Frederec laughed.

“No, Maman is yelling at my father,” Frederec said. “She wants him to…”

Frederec paused trying to come up with the word in English.

“Castrate is probably the closest word… the person who did this to Jill.”

“Jill keeps her contract,” Mike said.

“Take that off,” Frederec said. “Here are your garments for Oprah tomorrow.”

Mike began to pull on a pair of Levi’s jeans.


“Oh right,” Mike said. He pulled off his boxers and took a pair of designer briefs from Frederec. “Jill?”

“Oui. Jill, her Katherine, they are part of the family now.” Frederec smirked. “I almost feel sorry for this Trevor.”

The retelling of Celia’s Puppies, Denver Cereal Volume 2, continues tomorrow…

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