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Celia's Puppies, Chapter Thirty-six: Oh no you don't! (part five)


(part five)

“I flew in on a red-eye on Friday then planned to leave Saturday night. Val convinced me to change my reservation until Sunday. I was in the middle of a complicated rehab in Maine so I couldn’t really be gone long.”

“And had a girlfriend,” Sandy said.

“Actually, we weren’t seeing each other,” Jacob said. “In fact, she married a guy about a month later. I wasn’t really on her relationship radar.”

“But you were still sleeping with her,” Heather said.

Jacob raised his eyebrows. He would never get used to female information highway. How could Heather possibly know he had ex-sex an hour before he left for LA? He kept his mouth shut.

“It was really you?” Jill asked.

Jacob raised his shoulders and shook his head. He couldn’t believe it either.

“Jill wore a sheer tulle nighty,” Sandy said. “It covered about half her butt. And some…”

“Incredibly hot five inch white pumps,” Jacob said.

The women stared at him in silence. Even though they knew he had to be the ‘button’ guy, his knowledge of this tiny detail stunned them.

“I made her mask out of some tulle,” Sandy said.

“Val made my mask out of a black bandana. It covered the top of my face and head. You could only see my eyes. May I?” Jacob took the jacket from Jill. He pulled the two masks out of the inner pocket of the jacket. “I knew the moment you entered the party. It was like a…”

“Pulse that went through me,” Jill finished his statement.

“I’ve never seen Jill like that. She walked across the room to you. You guys disappeared like ten minutes later,” Sandy said. “I was worried but Jill texted me to tell me she was all right.”

“Actually, that was Jacob,” Jill said. “You know I could never figure out how that phone worked.”

“So what happened?” Tanesha said.

Jacob shrugged his shoulders. Jill blushed.

“Everything. Nothing. We ate pancakes.”

“Chocolate chip pancakes,” he said.

“We talked and laughed,” Jill said.

“We drank champagne and played.”

“Played?” Jill giggled. “Yeah. Raspberries. Oh my God, I’ve never had anything like that. And the lavender bubble bath. Wow.”

“Oh fuck,” Jacob said. Turning to look at Jill, he said, “You had the condoms. Remember, I went out later to get more…”

“More condoms!” Tanesha, Heather and Sandy said in unison.

“You had six or seven!” Sandy said. “You joked about having one for every guy.”

“We used them.” Embarrassed, Jill shrugged. “But you’re right. I got them from the apartment. They probably had…”

“A hole in them,” Jacob said. “Trevor’s sterile.”

“WHAT?” Tanesha’s voice resonated over the women.

“I thought Miss Thing was pregnant,” Heather said.

“They just said that so Val and I would give them the trust,” Jacob said. “Honey said they have been doing fertility treatments. I guess Trevor had something bad enough or long enough to make him sterile. That’s why we think he wants Katy. He can’t have his own kids.”

The retelling of Celia’s Puppies, Denver Cereal Volume 2, continues tomorrow…

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