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Celia's Puppies, Chapter Thirty: Sheer brilliance (part one)


(part one)

Tuesday morning — 8 A.M.

Jacob looked across his dining table at Jill. He’d worried that last night’s disaster would catch up with her today.

But she seemed happy.

Her matted hair was covered in a yellow bandana which brightened her face. She was beautiful. When he came up the stairs to have breakfast with them, she and Katy cheered. Jill set out bowls for cereal then settled Katy on her booster seat.

“What cereal would you like?” Jacob asked.

“I like the one with the smiley guy on it,” Katy said.

“This one?” Jacob pointed to the box. “Captain Crunch.”

“Uncle Mike calls it ‘The Cap’n.’” Katy clapped her hands together as if she made a joke.

“You have good taste,” Jacob said. He poured her a bowl of cereal. “What would you like, Jill?”

Standing next to Katy with the milk in her hand, Jill looked up to smile at him. Her arched eyebrow sent a shiver through him.


“Just a second Katy,” Jill said. She tapped her top lip as if she was making a difficult decision. “I must decide what to have.”

“But Mommy, you have to look.”

Jill’s head jerked to Katy. After last night disaster, Jill was on alert for any potential danger. Katy pointed to an object in her cereal.

“There’s something in my cereal.”

Jill took Katy’s bowl away from her.

“Is it poison?” Katy giggled. “Paddie says sometimes people get poisoned. He will be so jealous if I get poisoned first!”


Jill puzzled at Katy’s bright face. Paddie was Katy’s best friend at Catholic pre-school. Katy and Paddie played together last night when his father, Homeland Security Agent Colin Hargreaves, visited her apartment. Jill shook the bowl to see if she could see what Katy was talking about.

“Maybe it’s the prize,” Jacob said. Peering inside the cereal box, he said, “There’s another one.”

Jill snatched the box from him. She shook the cereal from side to side until she saw something. Using her spoon, she dug out the object.

“Mommy! It’s a pretty ring!” Katy squealed.

“Look at that,” Jacob said. “I wondered what happened to that.”

“I’ve looked for it with the other diamonds.” Jill flushed. She hadn’t wanted to admit that.

“That ring belongs to me.” Jacob held his hand out and Jill dropped it in his left palm. “This diamond is the only diamond found in the Marlowe mine. Or so they say. There’s no record of a diamond find in Colorado. So who knows? But that is the legend. These aquamarines are indeed from the Marlowe mine. This ring has adorned the left hands of at least three generations of Marlowe wives. It’s called ‘The Marlowe beauty’. Of course, there has never been a more beautiful Marlowe bride than you.”

“What does it mean, Mommy?”

“It means we’re getting married,” Jill beamed at Jacob. “But…”

The retelling of Celia’s Puppies, Denver Cereal Volume 2, continues tomorrow…

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