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Celia's Puppies, Chapter Thirty-seven: Time to shine (part one)


(part one)

Friday afternoon — 4:30 P.M.

“God damn it!”

Valerie heard Ramon scream then the crash of his cell phone against the wall. She jogged the remaining steps to the sitting area where she, Jill and Jill’s friends were supposed to meet for their afternoon beauty treatments. From the doorway, she saw Sandy, Tanesha, and Heather standing stunned in the opposite doorway. Ramon’s shoulders vibrated as he sobbed into his hands.

“What is it?” Valerie placed her hand on his arm. “What’s happened?”

“Oh Val,” Ramon said. “No one’s coming. Wes called the hair stylist, your makeup girl, and the spa girl. He told them they would never work in Hollywood again if they came.”

“Really. He said that? What a windbag.”

“Val! They aren’t coming!” Ramon continued sobbing into his hands. “You’ll never get ready without your specialists. Oh Val… And the lingerie woman? She’s a total no show. She must have had a call from Wes.”

“What happened?” Samantha Hargreaves walked into the room as if she owned the place.

“No makeup artist. No hair stylist. No wrap,” Valerie said.

“You’re going to lose your Martin’s contract.” Ramon wailed.

“That’s not going to happen.” Samantha laughed at Ramon.

“You don’t understand.” Ramon flashed with anger. “This is Val’s moment and she must shine. And Wes has destroyed everything.”

“Sandy does my hair,” Samantha said.

“I’m not a professional makeup artist, but I work at MAC,” Heather said. “I’ve won a couple awards. I don’t have…”

“Between Val and me, we have enough make up to put blush on every person within the city limits,” Samantha said. “Sounds like problem solved.”

“Valerie needs her wrap. She’s…”

“What did you say about the lingerie person? I assume you mean Cindy from SOL, right?”

“She must have had a call from Wes.” Ramon’s words were emphasized by his quivering lower lip.

“We’ve known Cindy a long time. I can’t imagine she gives a shit what that little man has to say,” Samantha said. “I’ll call her.”

While Samantha dialed SOL Lingerie on her cell phone, Valerie crossed the room to Sandy.

“I wanted this to be your fun day, not your work day,” Val said. “I could really use your help. Would you mind?”

“I’d love to do your hair,” Sandy said. “Ever since you came back, I’ve been trying to think of a way to ask or suggest. I’ll do Heather and Tanesha while you and Jill get your wraps.”

“Where’s Jillian?” Unwilling to give up his emotional out pouring, Ramon moved onto the next perceived problem. “Did she get a call from Wes?”

Sandy, Tanesha and Heather laughed at Ramon.

“She’s attending to some personal business,” Sandy said.

“Cindy’s stuck outside with the paparazzi,” Samantha said. “She’s been trying to get in for forty-five minutes. We need to get her in here.”

“Let’s get set up.” The expert in all things beauty, Sandy took over the situation with confidence. “Does anyone know someone who can do wraps? I can do them or the hair but I can’t do both.”

The retelling of Celia’s Puppies, Denver Cereal Volume 2, continues tomorrow…

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