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Celia's Puppies, Chapter Thirty-seven: Time to shine (part five)


(part five)

“I guess these tiny balconies are popular in Paris,” Jacob said. “Alex told me about them and helped me get the furniture. Just enough space to sit and watch our world.”

“This is gorgeous. Even with the paparazzi, it’s gorgeous,” she said.

They sat watching the world for a few moments.

“My father didn’t take away my sense of freedom,” he said. “I think I realized that love isn’t enough. I was raised with the idea that love was enough. But with love comes great responsibility. Love takes real work. My father and I fought for three days. I was furious that he was doing this to me, just when I was almost free.”

Jacob chuckled.

“I couldn’t understand why he didn’t sell the stupid company,” Jacob said. “But…”

He sighed.

“With love comes great responsibility and work,” he said. “I asked Delphie to come and help. Delphie helped me convince my father to let me do the work. He was… crazy. Work, I can do. Responsibility, I can handle.

“And now, I have love.”

Jill snuggled against him.

“You’re a good man.”

“Mike picked me up at the airport. We went to Pete’s and you were there,” he said. “You were pregnant and the hottest girl I have ever seen. Ever. God.”

He blew out a breath. She laughed at what she was sure was his exaggeration.

“You think I’m kidding?” he laughed. “Wait ‘til I badger you mercilessly when you get pregnant again.”

She chuckled.

“When are you dressing Katy?”

“After I get this wrap,” Jill said. “She was going to spend some time with Alex and Delphie.”

“Mike and I have to take care of something at a site. Will you have time to talk later?”

“Yes. Oh yes.” Jill smiled at him.

Following him through her new home, she couldn’t help but beam. Everything was truly perfect. He stopped at the door for one last kiss.

“When you’re better?” Jill asked. “Can we book a trip to Santa Monica and stay in that hotel?”

Jacob laughed.

The retelling of Celia’s Puppies, Denver Cereal Volume 2, continues tomorrow…

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