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Celia's Puppies, Chapter Thirty-nine: All that matters (part three)


(part three)

Jill shook her head. She moved to get out of the tub. He held a large green bath sheet and she wrapped herself in it. She refused clothing, even a bathrobe. Instead, wrapped in a bath sheet, she padded across their new home to the kitchen. Standing over the plate of brownies, she started eating. Jacob laughed at her fervor.

“I haven’t eaten since breakfast,” Jill said. “Only water after that. I’m starving and these are perfect.”

Getting the milk from the refrigerator, he poured them each a glass. When he reached for a brownie, she slapped his hand away. They laughed.

“How are you?” he asked.

Jill nodded her head as she swallowed a bite of brownie.

“Hungry… For everything – food, wine, life,” she said. “I… I want to feel alive.”

“I want you to know how sorry I am about Trevor,” Jacob said. “I cannot imagine how you feel.”

Still chewing, Jill shook her head.

“I can’t do that.” Jill covered her mouth to keep from spitting brownie all over Jacob.

He nodded.

“Can you help me?” he asked. “I can’t get out of this monkey suit myself.”

Jill nodded. Taking another bite of brownie, she untied his bow tie, then helped him out of his sling, the jacket and his shirt. Leaving his white undershirt, Jill returned to her brownies.

“Thanks,” he said. He stretched his arms. “That’s much better.”

“You can move your arm,” Jill said.

“Just a tiny bit. I’ve been working on it. It hurts, but…” Jacob puzzled at the odd look on Jill’s face. “What?”

Jill shook her head then looked away from him. He stepped around the kitchen bar to her. His finger tips caressed her face and their eyes held.

“I love you,” he said. “I’m here. Right here.”

She stepped into his embrace.

“Every room,” she whispered.

“Every room?”

Stepping back she bit her lip and nodded her head.

“Jill, what’s going…”

She pulled off his t-shirt. And their spark ignited. Heat and passion erupted in a burst of haste. They fell to the kitchen floor. She pulled at him, ripping his tux pants from him. Pulling on his naked flesh, she shifted for them to join.

“Wait,” he said. “I’ll be right…”

“I need to feel you,” she said.

“Jill.” He kissed her face, her nose, and caught her mouth. “You wanted to wait.”

“I don’t care. I don’t care.” Jill’s eyes dropped tears. “I’ve never felt you. Please Jacob, please. Just tonight. Please. Let me feel you.”

“Ok, okay, shhh…” He kissed her eyes.

In a rush of sensation, they joined. As if a switch ignited in Jill, she was wild. And Jacob tried to keep up.

They moved from the kitchen floor to on top the kitchen table. From under the dining room table to the open space. They shifted location with each climax. Her heat expanded and their passion grew. Anytime he shifted away, she pulled him back to her.

Leaning against a couch in the sitting area, close to another blissful release, Jill’s sadness, panic and rage caught up to her. Her passion turned to tears and tears became sobs. She battered Jacob’s chest until he flipped her under him. He pinned her down while she writhed with unspeakable pain. Unsure of what to do, he whispered over and over again that he loved her.

In the middle of a sob, she jerked, let out a breath, and closed her eyes. Certain she was having a seizure or possibly losing consciousness, Jacob shook her shoulder. Taking advantage of his movement, Jill moved on top of him.

“YOU!” She slapped at him. “YOU! I stayed with him because of YOU!”

“I would have married you in a second. Raised any child as my own. I love you only you. I’ve loved since the moment I laid eyes on you all those years ago,” he said. “You stayed with him because of you.”

“How DARE you! I was absolutely, completely and totally alone. And pregnant. What choice did I have?”

“I understand.” With his hands around her face, his thumbs wiped her tears.

“How can YOU understand? You have all of this and I have NOTHING. I am NOTHING. And you are the GREAT Marlowe. What can YOU understand? Oh God…”

Overwhelmed, she fell against him. Jacob held her tight through her heaving sobs. When her breath slowed, he realized she was asleep. Unable to carry her to the bed, he pulled a down comforter from the wood chest near the fireplace. Turning on the fire, he wrapped them in the blanket. When he lay next to Jill, she moved to sleep on his chest. He caressed her fuzzy head and she looked up at him.

“I love you and only you, Jacob Marlowe. I’ve loved you since the moment I laid eyes on you all those years ago.”

“I’m so glad,” he said to her sleeping form.

The retelling of Celia’s Puppies, Denver Cereal Volume 2, continues tomorrow…


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