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Celia's Puppies, Chapter Thirty-four: Slaying a Tiger (part two)


(part two)

Thursday afternoon

“What exactly are you saying?” Aden asked the Social Services investigator.

“We’ve interviewed the children, spoken with their therapist, reviewed your employment files and had a detailed conversation with your ex-wife. At this point, it’s our belief that it is not in your children’s best interest to interact with their mother.”

“And that means?”

Aden was so freaked out about having any kind of conversation with Social Services that he couldn’t grasp what the woman was saying.

“We are requesting that you work with a Special Advocate to determine the conditions of Nuala’s return to your children’s life.”

“But don’t they need contact with their mother?” Aden asked. “What about the custody arrangement?”

“Sir, we went over this a moment ago,” the Social Services representative said. “Are you feeling all right?”

“I’m sorry. I’m too anxious to think straight. Would you mind if I get someone to help? I mean, I know you didn’t want…”

“Please,” the woman said. Her impatient look spoke volumes.

Aden opened the door to the hall where Blane and Jacob waited for him.

“She’s saying something but I…” Aden started.

Jacob smiled at Aden. He and Blane followed Aden into the office.

“I apologize for my friend, ma’am,” Jacob said. “His kids are everything to him. He’s been upset about this entire situation. I’m Jacob Marlowe and this is Blane Lipson.”

Jacob and Blane sat on either side of Aden.

“We are recommending Noelle and Nash Norsen no longer have contact with their mother, Nuala Norsen.”

The woman raised her eyebrows at Jacob and Blane after she repeated what she had said to Aden.

“That’s what I don’t understand,” Aden said. He leaned back against his chair.

“I understand that you are recommending no contact between Noelle, Nash and their mother,” Jacob said.

“That’s correct.”

“I think what’s confusing is that after this incident, which includes an attempt to prostitute her ten year old daughter for drugs, Nuala retains her parental rights.” Jacob raised his eyebrows with indignation.

“Right. That’s exactly right,” Aden said. “So we’ll go through this again in a year? Two years?”

“Sir, Nuala Norsen has told our investigator that she’s entering rehab to give up drugs.” The investigator read her report, curled her lip at the information, and then nodded. “That’s what it says. She’s already talking to the district attorney to make a plea bargain for her case.”

“But she’ll come back. As soon as she’s out of jail, she’ll come…”

Aden’s pressured voice revealed his panic. Blane put his hand on Aden’s shoulder to silence his anxious sputter.

“Ma’am,” Blane said. “If Aden wanted to eliminate this threat from his children’s lives, what would he need to do?”

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