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Celia's Puppies, Chapter Thirty-four: Slaying a Tiger (part seven)


(part seven)

“We agreed that I’m adopting Katy, right?” Jacob asked.

“We signed the papers and submitted them to the courts,” Jill said. “My lawyer said it would be six months until we were sure.”

“Fathers take care of their children sometimes. Look at Aden, he has his kids all the time. That’s what fathers do.”

“Oh.” Jill blushed again. “Really?”

“My Dad used to take us all day Sunday. It gave Mom a break and gave us some time to be together. It was fun. He still takes care of Briana and Becky.”


“You’re Dad didn’t …”

“I don’t really remember. I don’t think so. Tim takes care of their kids. He said he would take care of them if Meg went to college. I’ve been trying to talk Megan into going to school with me. I think she might. I just… I mean…”


Jill almost said ‘Trevor didn’t ever take are of Katy’. She promised herself she wasn’t going to talk about him anymore.

“That would be great,” Jill said.

“So we’ll work it out together?”

“Right,” Jill said. “Together. Right.”

Hoping Jacob would forget the other thing she was supposed to tell him about, the button, she focused her attention on her salad.

“You were going to tell me about the button,” he said.


Her cell phone rang. Pulling the phone from her bag, she saw that it was Megan.

“I’m sorry. I have to answer,” she said. “It’s Meg. Katy’s…”

“Go ahead,” he said.

“Meg?” Jill asked.

“Jill! Katy’s having some kind of a seizure. Steve and Leslie are here for dinner. Steve said she’s not having a seizure, because he’s seen them at work… you know in the NICU. He says it’s more like a fit. Her temperature spiked and her eyes rolled back. She was like that for a while then woke up. She seems okay. We called the nurse on call and she agreed with Steve. The nurse said to watch her. But…”

“I’ll be right there,” Jill hung up her phone. “I’m sorry Jacob, but Katy’s sick.”

Jacob popped to his feet. Within moments, they were on the sidewalk stepping into a cab.

“She spiked a fever and her eyes rolled back,” Jill said. “I guess she seems okay but…”

“What?” Jacob stunned face unnerved Jill. “What do you mean?”

“She spiked a fever and her eyes rolled back,” Jill repeated.

“Jill.” Jacob’s intense look caught Jill of guard. “Was she responsive?”

“I don’t think so,” Jill said. “Why?”

Jacob shook his head and looked out the window. Jill put her hand on his sling.

“You’re scaring me, Jacob. What are you thinking?”

Jacob turned back to her. His eyes reviewed her face.

“I’ve thought and thought… I’ve gone over everything I can think of…”

“Jacob! What is it?”

“How is it possible that Katy is my child?”

The retelling of Celia’s Puppies, Denver Cereal Volume 2, continues tomorrow…

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